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Have you seen the show "Testees" on FX?

Asked by MicaDirtCat (307points) October 23rd, 2008

I don’t know if I hate it… I definitely don’t love it… I kinda want to throw up sometimes… but I laugh with nervous embarrassment for the laugh at times… hmmm. What are your thoughts?

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It’s so funny that you post this because I was just flipping through the channels and arrived at it. Didn’t look too interesting but for some reason I couldn’t stop watching. I thought it was hilarious but I’m in to that type of off humor

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Ugh, I pretty much fast-forwarded through the whole thing. I feel like some shows think that ‘edgy’ crudeness and odd/quirky touches can subtitute for actual humor.

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Yeah some shows substitute just being gross for actual humor, like family guy, which is funny only to point until they overdo it and it’s just stupid. They had some good jokes in testees though. I love the pun of the title that killed me haha.

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Nope, not yet. But I giggle at the title every single time.

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I’ve gotta see it now. Will check it out.

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the episode where the one dude’s face was glued to the other’s ass is what turned me into a fan. before that, it wasn’t my favorite – it was on after Sunny though. that and the episode where he took all the muscle relaxing drugs were really funny.

it has potential. i think the first couple were particularly crass in order to shock, and they toned down a little bit.

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I never laugh out loud, it seems like the show hasn’t found it’s footing yet. But, it has enough mild funnies to make me give it a chance. Where’d the blond chick go?

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@asmonet that’s what i said too! where’d she go? is it me, or did it get less crude when she wasn’t there?

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I miss her though.
I actually think it got worse. :-/ There is now only one woman on the show, and she’s a slutty receptionist. Good job, Testees.

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@asmonet i was really shocked they showed as much as they did of the sex scene in the episode where the guy’s face and ass were stuck together.

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And that’s a perfect example of it becoming more crude.
I was a bit taken aback too, not in the HAHA way but the…wow. way.

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yeah. i suppose so.

but it’s canadian, which is like British Lite, so the amount of ass being shown isn’t too surprising. British comedy <3 bums.

aside from the scene, i was shocked that her legs looked as good as they did. her face leaves something to be desired. but that’s just me…

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Yeah, she’s not so cute. :-/

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Loved it. The jellybean omelet episode was hilarious.

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