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Hey Pittsburghers, anyone know what this building is?

Asked by bpeoples (2551points) October 24th, 2008 —the big one with the parking lot. Appears to be closed and/or abandoned, just wondering what it used to be.

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I would guess school since it looks like a playground/basketball area next door. But I have no idea. I’m just throwing a guess out for fun.

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Looks like an old factory to me. Considering the big smokestack chimney, the large unmarked lot… could also be an old school. But the chimney makes me doubt it.

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@asmonet—if it’s of the right era, the would have been burning coal to fire the boilers, so the smokestack isn’t out of line. (Actually, my elementary school had a smokestack for the same reason)

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@bpeoples: I didn’t even consider that, thanks!

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@asmonet—Yep, I wouldn’t have thought of it either, except my school had one =)

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I believe it is the Liberty Tunnel Fan House (though not at all like a house) built in 1928 to house the fans that ventilate the Liberty Tunnel. The 110 feet high “smokestacks” would be ventilation shafts.

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@jvgr—Good eyes! That is indeed the Fan House, but I’m wondering about the building across the street to the north =) (And yes, I did find it by looking at the Fan House)

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And apparently, it’s the South Hills High School—

Closed in 1986.

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