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What sepecifies a good driving record?

Asked by jenlk1207 (440points) October 24th, 2008 from iPhone

I have two tickets that I went to traffic school for, and one fender bender. Is that consider good or bad?

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what state are you in and how far apart (how long ago) were the incidents?

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If you have no points, then you can say you have a good driving record.

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It also depends on your age and gender. Young male drivers are judged harsher, especially if the tickets are for speeding. Did your insurance premium get increased? If so, your record isn’t great.

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A “good driving record” means a lack of infractions. Not that I qualify, mind you…

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judi: my first ticket was about 5yrs ago, the fender bender was in 2006 and the last ticket was this summer. I live in CA

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ccrash3: when I got in the fender bender, my rate went up for one payment (I pay semi-annually) then dropped back down. As for the tickets, there was no increase because I went to traffic school both times

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I think it depends on what you did to get them.

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