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What Are Some Free Adobe DreamWeaver replacements?

Asked by mirza (5057points) August 17th, 2007

My 120-day trial for Dreamweaver runs out on the 22nd. So wat are some good (preferably free) legal alternatives to Dreamweaver?

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Depending on how you use Dreamweaver, some of its features are not going to be easy to replace.

But if you just need an editor, NVU should work.

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If you just want an editor, EditPlus works great. (Or look into visual studio web developer express edition)

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I used to use TextWrangler quite a bit, and early on BBEdit. But if you are looking for something that will give you 'design view' and 'editing view', I am not sure.

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Okay, I found a great link on a blog I check regularly. Check out the link, there were some great open source apps there! Also, here is another one I thought was helpful: Good luck!
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NVU is great as a free app. There is a newer version of it called Komposer that has fixed some of the bugs with NVU.

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NVU, for me, was only free to download. I tried NVU last year. Wasted too much time fiddling. Look at, WebplusX2 30 day free trial, then $79.99. Looks like it might be well worth the $79.99. You have 30 days to find out. Let us know.

Anyone using or tried Serf WebPlusX2?

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