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Want to know the outcome of my fluther-assisted cellphone search?

Asked by susanc (16112points) October 25th, 2008

Okey dokey.
I bought an iPhone (yum) at the AT&T store as an upgrade ($200), then instantly joined my kid and his wife in a family plan that vastly reduces all of our monthly fees. Cost of the phone will be recouped in 5 months. Thank you, jellies who helped me think about this.

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congrats! let us know how you like it. i can’t imagine going back to a button phone…and i can finally text faster w/o alien words!

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Awesome…good luck restraining yourself from buying all those yummy apps…they (Apple) get you on the “come back!”

I’m up to $300 in apps so far…so much for recoup!

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Hey! Andrew’s crafting a response!

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Don’t forget to add fluther to your homepage!

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I agree about the apps. There are some really great ones!! Have fun with your new phone.

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- and I am not getting any apps as I’m too stupid to use them so I’m safe.

My first text message made me and my brother scream with
laughter and also humanized me as a fluther punctuation/spelling demon because
even that pretty-good keyboard makes it very dicficlt to mke sesne….

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yeah, those first texts are insanely funny. you will get better!!

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ttthnds so mucth fir yhe su[[ort@@!!

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