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Why is the logo a jellyfish?

Asked by eebudee (28points) October 29th, 2008
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Because a group of jellyfish is called a “fluther”

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What Les said

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I think more importantly, why jellyfish?

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because spongebob catches them in nets. We love spongebob, ergo, jellyfish

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Personally, I think the logo needs work.

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It’s not that thrilling to me either. And I never liked Spongebob.

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I think that the bookish jellyfish is (a) distinctive, (b) fun, and© cute as shit.

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it’s too juvenile looking. like a cartoon character.

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@deaddolly: we should have a contest to “adulterate” the Fluther logo… you know, make it more adult :P

You could strap gun holsters onto its tentacles, make it brown, and give it large breasts.

Or we could go for hyper realism.

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ok…I’m for that.

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I think it’s a great logo. it crarly follow the rules for creating a good logo.

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I’m an Art Director and Illustrator and I give the whole design of Fluther (including its logo) high marks for grace, clarity, whimsy, and style.

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well as long as it has whimsy.

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Whimsy is one of the best traits a person or thing can have. People tend to take things too seriously—it’s good to instill a little whimsy where we can.

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I think my problem with the logo is that if I didn’t KNOW it was supposed to be a jelly fish, I don’t think I would recognize it. It looks like an upside down bowl with three fingers of a rubber glove coming out of it. And a face.

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I lurve the logo. Clean, crisp, and fun.

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i dont like the logo. Looks lame.

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yeah. why fluther? Why not gaggle. Like a gaggle of geese. I love that word…gaggle hehe :D

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• Because jellyfish are very intelligent creatures.
Geez, that sounds really self-conceited. Please ignore avatar while reading comment. Thanks.

• Because it sounds whimsical and sets the tone for the rest of the site.
And, as already pointed out, a little whimsy is always nice.

• Because as sferik pointed out, it embodies verb potential.
Okay, I didn’t really need the first link. But I loves me some permalinks!

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I think it’s a cool word and the logo fits perfectly.

nice article, Nimis. I’m glad that the site isn’t named Xuther

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@deaddolly “it’s too juvenile looking. like a cartoon character.”

Welcome to Web 2.0. I personally think its a very well done logo within it’s context and theme.

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