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How many people have bought the Fluther shirt?

Asked by eponymoushipster (20297points) January 28th, 2009

The ad is there in the righthand column all the time. Do you sport it? And what other Fluther-branded shwag would you want to see?

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I have. (What ‘s “shwag”? Or do you mean “swag”?))

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<——-Too curvy on top. :/

A stretchy girly fit T in orange or navy blue and you’ve sold me. I don’t look good in boy-style shirts.

I also like cawfee mugs. The kind that don’t look like nothin’ when it’s empty, but then you pour the hot cawfee in, and tah-DAAAAH! A pictcha! /fakebrooklynese

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what color is that tshirt…. BROWN ?

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I have one, and wear it often. No one asks me what it is, though.

A glass coffee mug with the mod, bluish jelly on the front would be cool, and then the coffee would fill up the glass to make it look like the t-shirt. I love drinking coffee out of glass and would buy 6 of those mugs if you made them.

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@aprilsimnel interesting….

@aprilsimnel & @Megan64 – yeah a coffee mug would be a cool idea! glass or otherwise.

I think a tshirt with multiple jellies would be cool too. kinda like some of the banners up top.

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Me want coffee mug too.

@Megan64 I love your design! You would be happy drinking coffe at my house. I only use glass mugs.

I would make an exception for a Fluther mug, of course.

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I wear mine all the time. It fits so perfectly…gotta love American Apparel.

People ask me all the time why there is a squid on my shirt. I get very angry.

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@Marina: True that. Coffee just tastes better in a glass mug for some reason.


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I wear mine as soon as it comes out of the wash. I’ve had several comments about it, and mostly from women!

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@AstroChuck WOMEN!? i enjoy the company of women! i need to get one those shirts now.

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Why wife tells me to send them your way.
She’s no fun.

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@AstroChuck wives…can’t live with ‘em, can’t sell ‘em on eBay. pfft.

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@eponymoushipster, You probably could sell ‘em on eBay….

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I have one. Its one of my favorite shirts, it fits perfectly and is sooo comfy.

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I don’t really wear shirts with pictures or writing on them if I can help it.
I would totally go for a coffee mug though.
Or a pint glass.

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@aprilsimnel There are several women’s sizes available!

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@gailcalled: SWAG = Stuff Worn After Gig :)

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Hey, Andrew. How about a Fluther baseball cap?

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@andrew – I know. It’s not the size. It’s the fit/cut. How is it cut, in a straight “T” style? Those types of shirts are HIGHLY unflattering to my figure, is the trouble.

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I love insanely great tees, in fact I’m wearing my binary tree right now! I should get a fluther tee, and I love the colors, but I feel my marine bio friends would bother me all the time for its obvious anatomical incorrectness.

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@aprilsimnel Please! You think we’d do that? All of the shirts are American Apparel, so they’re fashion cut. Very tailored. You’d look hot.

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I want a car sticker or magnet! Please :)

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I want to see “Fluther: The Movie”.
Preferably in IMAX.
Preferably in 3D.

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Might get it for my birthday from my girlfriend. I’m gonna ask her for it at least :-p

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I wear my shirt all the time. People recognize it as a jellyfish yay! and I tell them about the site. It fits great, and the color is actually flattering. Not a blah look.

I think Fluther hats would be cool. A cap or a bucket hat, and maybe a knit cap with embroidery for us “Northerners”.

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I wear mine a lot. No one has asked me about it; I think that’s because I sort of favor the jellyfish. Perhaps they think it’s me, because of the glasses. Can’t say what they might think the dangly things at the bottom are, seeing as how I don’t have three legs myself.

I want Fluther earrings and a necklace. Definitely a mug and a magnetic bumper sticker (round, not rectangular). And wearable stickers for the “What’s Fluther?” campaign. What campaign, you ask? The one we need to start. Today.

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@andrew – Oh! Could you add a picture of a lady in a shirt to the array so I could see what they look like on people of the female persuasion?

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@andrew y @aprilsimnel yes. could you? SLOWLY….ahh yeah. that’s right, baby. oh hi everyone! <wink>

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Go to the blog site and look for the Gailcalled interview and you’ll see a pic of her (with Ben) in a fluther tee.

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But note that I bought a men’s L and altered it. The women’s are curvy but made for skinny wraiths. The largest size for women was a 36 B, I think.

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@gailcalled & @AstroChuck – Thanks! From what I see, a women’s large will probably work.

I read the interview, too. It was wonderful. I liked the use of the word “dogsbody”. I haven’t seen that in a while. You must be so proud!

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@andrew i seriously want a shirt that says
“Fluther- Like a hooker that does your taxes”

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I was going to make up what a fluther mug would look like, but my computer is doing stupid things. I hate this computer!

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How about fluther huggies?

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@chyna maybe not huggies, but like a kid’s nappy thing would be cute. “Little Know It All” or something on it.

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@eponymoushipster I meant the can huggies that you put around your canned beverages, beer, pepsi, that sort of huggie.

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@chyna OH. I always refer to those as “beer cozies”. but i don’t drink anything from a can either, so what do i know? ;)

that’s a possibility.

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I like the name cozies better. I will use that from now on!

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I have an idea for a shirt:

“Fluther – Over flibberty-gillion served”

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Lurve for flibberty-gillion

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Fluther stuffed jellyfish!
Good idea!

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@90s_kid nice idea! or a keychain too, i think

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we say “coozies”, not cozies

and what about a live jelly fish? what would you feed it?

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I’m waiting for the Fluther boxers. I’d buy several pairs of them. Just think, boxers with a jellyfish on the outside and a squid on the inside. :-)

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