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Heroes or Chuck or Bionic Woman?

Asked by krazed (21points) August 18th, 2007 from iPhone

Three good shows are coming this Fall and I don't know which one to watch. Any help?

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The Office

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the office. No contest.

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dexter is one of the best I've seen

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Heroes is good, but I'll have to wait and see about the other two! Thank god for DVR :)

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I would like to check out those two new ones but I’m really dying for Desperate Housewives to start up again!

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Heroes even though it got cut short because of the writers strike.

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Heroes by a mile. Bionic Woman hasn’t been picked up. Too may producers spoiled that one. My friend was an Assistant Director on it and it was not a fun show to work on.

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Heroes… Dexter… and definitely Big Shots.. maybe Gossip Girl, but depends on if you like gossip and the on-going battle between rich/poor, upper class/ lower class..

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Heroes, hands down. I’m looking forward to this damn Writers’ Strike ending so we can get to Chapter 3 already.

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heroes, house, lost, gossip girl, greys anatomy, all wonderful shows

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heroes… but why choose? Get a couple tivos.

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Chuck, hands down.

Heroes was exciting the 1st season. Ever since then, they seem lost in their own…stuff…and they just wander around fighting and back stabbing each other. What kind of heroes are these? I’m missing something but I lost the patience to figure it out.

Bionic Woman had promise but they didn’t allow enough time for it to gather a following.

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