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Do you have Satellite TV for PC?

Asked by DandyDear711 (1512points) October 30th, 2008

The website says you pay $50 once up front, download software and then you can watch 3000 stations on your computer. No other fees.
Does this work? Do you like it?
We are thinking about getting rid of cable TV right after the election to save money. Maybe this would be a good option to put on our laptop.

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Hmm. There’s no phone number. I’d want to know if I can get HBO.

Since there’s no one to call, I don’t think you can get your money back if you don’t like it.

Waiting to see what someone smarter says here.

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Thanks SusanC!

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BTW – to others reading… this isn’t spam.

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but how does it work? It doesn’t mention where it gets the channels from. I assume it just streams video to your computer. And it is a little suspicious that there aren’t any phone numbers or contact info (atleast none that I saw)

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I’ve seen a few like that that were clearly a scam. I’d suggest not to give them any credit card info until you know for sure that they are for real and can deliver.

It does not sound reasonable to me that they can provide TV programming without some regular payment, legitimately they have to pay for re-broadcasting to you, like a cable company would.

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