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Computer speaker conundrum: how can I play the music on my computer in multiple rooms?

Asked by nicholasbeem (33points) August 19th, 2007

All of my music is on my iMac, and I'd like to play it in the kitchen and dining room as well as the computer room. I've looked into wireless speakers and it sounds like they're pretty bad. So I'm resigned to threading wire around the house. Does anyone have experience doing this sort of thing? I'd rather not run the sound through a receiver, as space is pretty limited in my apartment. Any recommendations for speakers?

As a sub question: can I get better sound with speakers that run from a USB port, rather than the single-plug speaker jack?

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You mentioned you dont want to run it through a reciver but it is the best way. I have a reciver that feeds each room and I just plug my laptop computers headphone out jack into my recivers extra quick connect input RCA jacks. The wire to connect the two cost under $10.

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Actually, I kinda want this too. Music everyehere, you know?

But, cut to the chase. I'm not familliar with iMac's, but does it have bluetooth? If not, maybe there are dongles for mac's, and then look on google for 'bluetooth speakers'. Bluetooth (especially class A dongles) come very far. 100 metres to be detailed.

Bluetooth soudquality is good, if it doesn't have much interferrence. Like thick walls, or the dongle placed behind a radiator.


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Have you investigated the Apple HiFi? It has an iPod dock, and/or you can stream music wirelessly from the iMac via an AirPort system.

You can then use your iPhone (if you have one) to control the iTunes in your iMac remotely with:
Signal or

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Wouldn't an airport express also serve this purpose?

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yep airport express does it you will need one for each room and recommend investing in an Airport extreme base station, as it is practically plug-n-play...

AE goes for ~$60 used on craigslist but AEBS is a bit more but that would solve your dilemma for sure. Also AppleTV for home theatre system streams content to your av recvr.

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Great answers, friends. The Apple HiFi is sexy, but perhaps a bit beyond what I want to spend. Any suggestions for good, smallish, less than expensive speakers?

Airport Express looks like the right way to go. My computer has wireless, so do I really need the Base Station?

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@nicholasbeem: No, you don't. The airport express is a mini-router. You can also probably replace your existing wireless router with the airport express, depending on how big your apartment is.

The only issue is how far away your kitchen is from your dining room, but you can probably solve that with speaker-wire.

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I just saw this video:–1_53–29339.html
Maybe something…

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