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Who despises Obama? Who despises McCain?

Asked by watchman220 (416points) November 1st, 2008

Tell us why you despise these candidates?

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Despise is such an ugly frame of mind. I don’t think I dispise anyone in the whole world (well, I guess if Procter & Gamble were one person I might consider despising them). I don’t even dislike Obama. How could you? He takes his daughter trick-or-treating and tells the media to get their collective asses back on the bus.

No. Despise is to bad of a word.

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Why do you highly dislike either of these candidates or their political policies? How is that…politically correct enough for public consumption?

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All day long my dad talks about how “anyone who votes for Obama must be retarded.”
Some of my Obama-supporting friends say the same about McCain supporters.

People have different political philosophies. It doesn’t mean that they’re idiots. Both sides have their points. I don’t despise McCain, I just disagree with him.

Who despises Sarah Palin?
I do, I do.

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I dislike Mccain for his cavalier, thoughtless and reckless choice of SP for VP. An alpha leader always chooses A+ people to be his advisors, staff and cabinet members, gives them a job description and then lets them do their job. (That’s the simple version.)

PC, watchman, but you can’t “highly” dislike; “violently”, “powerfully”, or plain-old “loathe,” perhaps.

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I am with gail. I dispose McCain for his lack of a brain. What the hell kind of move is Palin anyway? How can anyone be excited about that?

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I despise being cavalier with the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

reed's avatar Biden is an A+ person?? That must be why the Obama campaign won’t let him out in public these last days eh? Chosing Palin showed a lack of judgment by McCain, but I have to say, I lost a lot of repect for Obama over his choice of Biden as his VP. Biden is one of the poster boys of all that is wrong with Washington. I’ve yet to hear why a campaign who touts “change” over and over again, chooses someone who is an instituion in the senate.

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Gonna back any of that Biden smear up?

As for the question, McCain represents the sort of thought posted directly above. I would never want someone with such an imagination to exert power over me.

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I don’t despise anyone. I don’t even dislike McCain…I dislike his policies. I have also lost all respect for the man during this horrible campaign.

I do dislike Sarah Palin, though.

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I dispise the ugly politics of the last 8 years.

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Like Bush, McCaine is a high functioning moron that the special interest groups could have proffited highly from at the Amurican tax payers expense. And the naive consevative morons waive their flags and eat their Turkeys as the Native Americans sigh in disgust.

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Without the aid of “word perfect” please try to endure my spelling and punctuation mistakes. As an Amurican English is a second laguage.

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Amurican; Tell us upfront, please. That would be really helpful. What’s your native tongue? (Turkey is the country; turkey is the bird. Check out difference between “wave” and waive.” That way, you’ll remember.) Your English is remarkably good, BTW.

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