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Who do you think will be elected president?

Asked by lovelyy (1134points) March 26th, 2008 from iPhone
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Barack Obama. But perhaps a Facebook Poll (, or something similar, would be better for something like this.

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I’d say either Hillary, Obama, or McCain…

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I don’t know. I’m terrified it might be mccain. Ugh.

I <3 obama.

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I too, fearfully assume that McCain will be elected. I sure as hell hope not. Among everything else, his stance on net-neutrality sucks.

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What delirium said.

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If it happens, i’ll be lovingly looking towards Canada, I think.

I cried for two days after bush stole ohio in the last election.

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Sadly, McCain. How ‘bout you, lovelyy?

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Obama or McCain. Problem is, democrats suck at getting elected in the general election. (I’m libertarian, but out of the big three, Obama, Clinton, and McCain, I like Obama the most)

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I am not american, but I hope Obama wins, to break the “status quo” of American politics (which has way too much influence on other countries, for good and bad)

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@mcbealer well i want mccain to win.
ha i’m the only one in the discussion who does.

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@ lovelyy ~ for now at least… ‘tis OK :0)

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I’m with Lovelyy. McCain.

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OBAMA all the way

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Ahahahahaha it was BARACK OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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