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I have a Surge Protector (with Data Line protection: ethernet, telephone, coaxial cable) Plugged into a UNGROUNDED Outlet. Do is there a risk? It is Safe?

Asked by thedonja (95points) November 2nd, 2008

The Surge Protector is

Its A: Staples 10-Outlet 3600 Joule Surge Protector with Ethernet, Coax and Dataline Protection

I have all of my Stuff connected to it, (Computer, LCD Monitor, Speaker System, Lamp, External Hard Drive ect.)

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My understanding is that the surge protector helps keep your equipment safe. And the grounding helps keep you safe.

The surge protector will trip a circuit so any power spikes won’t damage your stuff that is plugged in.

Having things grounded will provide a path to earth and that keeps you safe. Say for example your computer has a wire come loose and lands on the metal housing. If it is grounded you won’t get shocked if you touch the case. If it wasn’t grounded you would be the shortest path to earth so you could get a shock.

At least that is how my brother in law explained it to me. (he is a licensed electrician)

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…double checked w/ my husband, a journeyman electrician….jp is correct.

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thank you all

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If the outlet is not grounded, your equipment is NOT protected.

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