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Why is it that when faced with the concept of death.....?

Asked by wrestlemaniac3 (242points) November 2nd, 2008

why is it that when faced with the concept of death, people find the will to do the heroic or impossible.

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I bet even antelope run faster when being chased by a lioness. There’s that inherent will to live that can spur the living to do more than they dreamed they could – it might be their last chance.

Darwinianly speaking, species that put forth the effort to remain alive may bear more offspring, so it’s probably hardwired.

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I’m not so sure “concept” is the correct word. Perhaps “prospect” is a little more accurate? Adrenaline kicks in when impending danger looms. I also think that when people find themselves in a situation where death seems inevitable, there is a tendency to choose a course of action that will give them the most control over a situation.

“Concept” of death is a little more abstract. I think when people are faced with the concept death, they tend to go to church, as a way of gaining understanding of the afterlife, and the whys of dying.

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Well I can’t change it now, but for notice I’ve been tested and tried a lot.

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@wrestle, that sounds interesting. Care to elaborate? Seriously, I’m not being flippant

I had 4 members of my family die within 4 months of each other, so I guess I would say I’ve been faced with the “concept” of death.

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not the concept, the prospect….I almost drowned, got shot, got stabbed, fell of a building, and had to fight to save a friend of mine from drowning, or being bitten by a shark. try telling me I don’t about near death, think again.

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Good Lord, wrestlemaniac, that’s quite amazing.

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amazing! it was exhilirating and scary as hell! try jumping in shark infested water with a pocket knife.

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He’s a total liar. His original acc got banned for threating people with “dark arts” and vampyrism.

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You know what, GET A LIFE!!! you’re the type of person who is living in his own world that’s like the size of your room. I bielive in living life to it’s fullest and thinking outside the box, so you know what…...up yours…I’m done here.

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ooooh drama! this is what sucked about askville Let’s hope it isn’t going to be a trend.

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This is old news…

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there goes the thread

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