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I have a mole that turned black w- a red halo around it. How concerned should i be?

Asked by mgriffin (3points) November 2nd, 2008

The mole was completely normal and within two days it changed..Any one know anything about this?

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it’s always best to have a doctor check it out.

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The Dr thing is always a good idea. I am fairly mole-y and sometimes this would happen to one on my arm but it never came to anything, it was just in a place where it would get chaffed easily. However I had several odd ones on my back where I couldn’t see them so I just had them taken off-no worries

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Dr.——> tomorrow AM.

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I second the doctor idea…make sure you go to a good one too! I know someone who died of melanoma after his doctor told him his malignant mole was “nothing to worry about.” Not necessarily the fault of the doctor, but be sure to be on the safe side.

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Removed by me

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What Gail said x 2.

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