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What is the healthiest, safest, or most natural tanning method?

Asked by zina (1661points) January 14th, 2008

how do tanning beds, spray-ons, etc compare? what exactly do they do and are any markedly less-bad for you than others?

how do they compare to the natural tanning process that happens under the sun?

NOTE: i am not a proponent of any of these (so i don’t need answers about how bad intentional/artificial tanning is in general), and am only very curious based on learning that many people i know are using bronzing lotions—and wonder how many of the bizarre tidbits i hear are true or myths created by the industry.

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tanning beds are bad because they still use UV light to tan you. Bronzing lotions/sprays are by far safer

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Sure, bronzing lotions/sprays are better for you in terms of skin cancer and UV light. But I still worry about what chemicals you are putting on your skin and how that can affect your health in the long run. I read somewhere that the amount of chemicals in these products aren’t significant enough to do damage when used as directed. Not sure if I really buy that though.

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tanning beds are definitely really bad, especially if you have light skin and or freckle really easily. i’m with hollywoodduck on the self-tanners. they’re safer than tanning because you aren’t exposing yourself to extra sun and a risk for cancer, but they have lots of chemicals. maybe a moisturizer from a company like aveeno (more natural) with a slow self-tanner would be best?

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What is the healthiest, safest, most natural method of tanning?
Laying in the sun.

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Working outside without using any tanning products works best. It does increase your chance of skin cancer, blah blah. Just make sure you don’t overdo it.

Just laying in the sun won’t get you as tan as working out in the sun. I remember reading about how increased blood flow, or melanin or something helps you to tan better.

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Pale is the new tan – embrace it!

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Tanning beds use incredibly harmful UV rays. The sprays and lotions are chock full of chemicals, which is why they change your skin tone. If you MUST tan, it should be through sun screen and done by the sun. Really though, tanning in any form is bad for your skin. LOve your skin tone for what it is.

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If you want the fast road to melanoma-ville be sure to go to tanning beds. The safest way to appear tanned is with a self tanning product such as Neutrogena.

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