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What is the navy like?

Asked by skabeep (927points) November 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

my girl has suddenly decided it would be fun to join the navy. The main reason is she loves to travel and see new things. Also they will pay for her college. I live in landlocked Arkansas so where would she be stationed? What would she do and would she actually get to do a lot of traveling different places? Personally I don’t want her to go and I’m not sure how serious she is but she mentioned it multiple times so I thought I would ask the collective

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ask them yourself ships have websites and on them you can contact the webmaster or command master chief (cmc) of that ship.

just go to google and search for ddg number starting around 60

for example ddg 60 is USS paul-hamilton
and if they dont have the email for the cmc its cmc@(shiptype&number)
so for example the paul-hamiltons cmc’s email is
oh and ddg ships are destroyers
this also works with cruisers which are cg and they also start around 60 i believe

depending on what she does for the navy detirmens where she will be. she might be constantly be changing ships or stay with one. she might not even go on ships at all.

just one more thing, most people think that the navys website is just as the army has or but their actual websites are
for the navy:
for the army:

mil stands for military if you are wondering.

hope this helps.

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It’s like the army only wetter.

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I bet it’s just like the village people song.

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My father didn’t like the Navy much. They shot him full of holes in the
South Pacific. It might depend on whether there’s a war on. Um, there
is a war on.

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Unless she’s a pilot, there’s not much chance of being directly involved in the current wars. Sailors get excellent technical training, depending on the occupational skill they enlist in. There are lots of shoreside assignments as well as ship assignments. The navy is responsible for all medical services for the Marine Corps as well. Encourage her, be on her side.

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I think it depends on what she does… My SO is a submariner. He is stationed in Guam. He had a choice of where he could be stationed and at the time he wanted to go overseas. He really hates it now and says he hates what he has to do. They are very secretive. He can’t tell me anything, which is fine for me, but drives him crazy. I can’t even know when he is going underway or when he is coming home. He can tell me and his other family 48 hours in advance when he comes back to the states… which isn’t very often. I think it is harder to be a submariner and I don’t know if there are any female ships so your daughter would probably have port duties. I think my SO would like it better if he had port duties. I think it all really just depends on the person and what they do. I don’t think anyone on here could really tell your daughter whether or not she would like it… just be forwarned the military owns you once you get in. They like to dress it up but most people find it’s not what they expected. Tell her to talk to lots of people that are already in, not only recruiters.

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I’m in the Air Force, and all I can say is this, if she wants to be a guinea-pig when it comes to getting her so called free medical then by all means. If she does not get a good job, she will pretty much be miserable. The Military in general is not for everyone. Also think about it, out at sea with lonely men for six months at a time is not the best situation. Just being real!!!

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@sanbuu: what are you refering to when you say a guinea pig to free medical?
My husbands in the navy and is stationed in Virginia at the moment she’ll travel around the states but as where she will be stationed it all really depends on what she wants to do when they first leave to boot camp they go to great lakes Illinois and it all just rolls from there traveling out of the states I mean of course they’re in the sea but they can’t disclose that information to us they say you get use to it but there will definetly be some rough times especially in your guys relationship I hate to say…

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@adri027, the medical aspect within the military is based on HMO. So most of the time you will not be getting the best medical service. I will give an example, when I was stationed in Japan, the Navy hospital was all we had. They never treated me correctly for my stomach and for my elbow. This is the reason why I’m getting out very soon.

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@sanbuu: oh I see well since I’m in L.A. I’m supposed to go to the Airforces medical center but instead I decided to get a regular doctor out of their facility and whenever I move that’s what I’m going to keep doing so I’ve never had service with navy doctors or military period so don’t scare me!

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Is she going to join the naval reserves?
I see nothing wrong with that.. lol. because i also want to join the naval reserves, my mom was all for it. Since her brother was in it too, she’s not all too worried. Great experience, gets you in great shape, new people, places, when i first mentioned it, I had pratcially thought about it day and night, It sounds so exciting!!
There will be a lot of physical activity and hardships to follow. but it’s all worth it. =D It’s fine, don’t worry!
You experience new things, and it’s also great money as well!.. or so i hear. haha.. :P

But does she want this as a career?.. >_>

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My son has been in the Navy for about a year and is doing well. After his training, he will be land based because he is an airman and will work on Navy planes. He has made a 5 yr commitment and is doing well. I was entirely supportive of his choice and believe the Navy has been good for him.

As for never fighting in the war, that isn’t entirely true. The Navy has an ‘Individual Augmentee’ program where a sailor can be ‘lent’ to the Marines or Army to relieve them in Iraq or Afghanistan. They are trained for battle and serve there for 4 to 6 months at a time. I am part of a Navy Mom forum and hear of many sailors who are ‘chosen’ to go to Iraq. So while it doesn’t happen often, it’s not impossible. My son is also a college graduate and is furthering his education while in the Navy and hopes to earn his Master’s degree while he is enlisted. As with anything, it is what you make of it.

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There’s a lot of seamen on the poopdeck

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I really enjoyed the travel aspect of being in the Navy. I was able to see Sydney, Manila, Da Nang, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The career opportunities were attractive 40 years ago, and they have only improved since then.

As far as combat, @daisy mentioned something I didn’t know about. Also, sailors who are medical corpsmen are often assigned to Marine combat units as battlefield medics.

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~They told me to join the Navy and see the world; I found the world is flat and covered with water!

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