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What is the most effective diet on the market right now?

Asked by MonterreyCelia (26points) August 19th, 2007 from iPhone

It is difficult for me to jog or run after being in a motorcycle accident but I need to lose 20-30lbs quickly. Help!

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Anything that have 5 or 6 small meals a day with a combination of protein and good carbs. Low impact...Swimming and walking helps too. (it is hard to walk, it can be boring..but if you have a destination (one mile office, coffee shop etc) its great.

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Many, altho not all, useful answers and tips here. No magic diets, I am sorry to say. 1-2 lbs/week means 15 weeks. Once you lose the first few lbs, you will be thrilled and find it easier to stick w. eating fewer (and healthier) calories than you are expending. Good luck.

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I agree with Gailcalled you don't want to loose weight too fast and there are no magic diets. Forget the word diet and think "lifestyle change". Diets are temporary and not healthy whereas if you just change how you eat and just stay active you will be healthy and look it to.

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I found the Weight Watchers program to be the most effective. You can still eat whatever you want. It just teaches you portion control. I lost 30lbs in 3 months. It is really easy to stick to it as well.

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Can you surf? By which, I mean, are you near an ocean? And are your motorcycle injuries such that they would physically prevent you from paddling a surfboard? If the answers to the previous questions are "yes" and "no," respectively, then grab a board and go to town.

Even if you don't lose weight (which you will, all other things the same), it won't matter because you'll be having so much fun.

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My nutritionist girlfriend says: “swim.”

Other than that, she says diets depend on the individual and the diet you have now.
She says folks at a gym would be more than willing to show you alternate excercises. Not big on the diets for a dietician, I know. :-)

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The best one is free. Eat sensibly and in moderation. You might be a little hungry depending on your current eating habits, there’s nothing abnormal about hunger. Exercise regularly as well, and stick with it, it doesn’t happen all at once. I’ve lost 130 pounds this way and kept it off, and I’m not anything superhuman. Just do it.

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