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Is mulatto a politically incorrect term?

Asked by kelly (1902points) November 5th, 2008
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I’ve never heard that term. I’ve heard “milano” though, and yes, it is.

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spelling from a different thread.

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mulatto is an older term for individuals of mixed race. It was used on the census records 100 years ago.

I believe it has been replaced with “biracial,” but I can’t imagine what type of question would warrant including that tidbit of information about a person.

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Though rarely used, it is offensive to some people.

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I just call them carmel :)

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I think “mulatto” means “big ears”.

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And remember the horrible “quadroon” and “octoroon”? Racial catagories

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Mulatto is a Eurocentric term. No, it is not politically correct.

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Mavin is the preferred term. I have bi-racial grandchildren and that is the PC way to refer to mulattoes.

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on a tangent, why is Obama consistently referred to as black, when he’s half white?

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There is a magazine for bi-racial people called Mavin. Mulatto is offensive and outdated.

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My roommate is bi-racial and very much considers the term to be offensive.

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it’s not offensive to say in a historical context, (like the n-word is, to me anyway) but i wouldn’t call someone that, no. the word ‘mulatto’ is derived from the word mule, so it’s pretty easy to see why someone would be offended by being called that.

(jholler, if you’re curious, why not ask a separate question? this thread already has a topic.)

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nothing is offensive in the historical context.

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That might be true, what I meant was, even if I was reading a historical text aloud, and it had the n-word, i wouldn’t say it out loud. I would probably just say “the n-word”. Maybe that’s just me.

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I don’t care either way



have the right

to be not-offended

welcome to free speech

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