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Any Alaskans here who can explain how Stevens (R) will probably win his senate seat?

Asked by gailcalled (54584points) November 5th, 2008

He is 84 and has been found guilty of seven charges of felony.
What’s in the water up there?

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Let me re-phrase your question: Are you having Massachusetts water pumped up there? I mean Ted Kennedy had been getting elected for years and years. Convicted…no…

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Sueann: Aha. I just saw the referendum results about mj. Good point about TK.

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Now Gail, certainly you know this. Its votes.
Alaska has wealthy business people (oil) who vote republican because they feel it’s in their best interest financially to do so.
And it has lower income voters who feel like outlaws themselves. There’s a real lawlessness mentality.

What’s missing from Alaska is an educated middle class.

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Gail: He seems to be SUCH a crooked weasel, maybe everyone in Alaska owes him favors.

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And, even by my standards, too old at 84.

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if you’ve been in Alaska, especially above the panhandle, they believe they are a different country, their own country, their own rules of life. Heck they are larger, have more resources than many countries. they view anyone from “down-states” with suspicion. they feel washington is out to get them, their land, their culture, their resources. its a tough place to live, earn a living and they seem to rank law discretions by the harm to man or the environment. I can very easily see how they feel some federal “revenuer” gift law is nothing. and he’s done a good job for the state or he wouldn’t be in the senate for this long.

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