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Where can I find a video of Obama's speech after he wins the election?

Asked by chromaBYTE (652points) November 5th, 2008

I have been searching everywhere, the only one I can find is the one when he accepts the nomination.
Have they been taking the videos down? I would’ve thought it would be all over YouTube.

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HalfScottishGuy's avatar has it in 2 parts on her channel. best quality I have found.

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If you know how to use bittorrent you can get a high quality version. Here is the torrent file.

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1/2 scott : thanks, posted a link but hadn’t gotten around to watching the first part yet :)

Isn’t it cool that you could watch this live on the internet! (took me hot minute to find it after I heard the hurrahs from the tv people when they realized obama had won.) and even cooler – people are watching !!! Yay! and immediate responses to the win posted on youtube and all that – a time and a place, a people, all that, yay! technology! yay it’s a reality america has it’s first bi-racial international heritage president! Wow, that’s a lot to accomplish in one presidency…..tbd in a question.’s_ethnicity

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On my camera from the rally!!

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clairedete = lucky one!!!

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thanks john, I downloaded the torrent. It’s fantastic!

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