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Has your guild killed Kil'Jaeden?

Asked by squirbel (4277points) November 7th, 2008

We did.

Kil’Jaeden bowed before the feet of <Soul> last night, Nov. 6, 2008.


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Nope, and it’s pissing me off. What server?

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Added to my fluther for being a player.

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I’m only geared for like, ZA/TK right now. Sooooon!

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I had a level 4 mage usurp my Thelorra Shield in the Gangway of Mursha this morning, does that count?

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Sanari on Khaz Modan [US] :P

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Kipton on Draka I know, I know, shut up. [US]

To the armory to secretly inspect each other!

EDIT: You are far more tricked out than me. :-(

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Heh, I’m at work, can’t check the armory… /cry

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HA! /teabag

Oh noez, I’m being unladylike.

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We can’t teabag asmonet! We has not teh equipmentz for it!

I first learned what teabagging was in Molten Core a couple years ago. Not sure how familiar you are with the instance, but we were fighting the flame packs that you face as you’re moving into Baron Geddon’s room.

These guys were doing custom teabag emotes to each other, and sitting on this one guy’s face [he was dead]. I had been begging my boyfriend to tell me what it meant… and he had refused for about an hour. I cajoled and prodded, seduced and begged for him to tell me….

….and when I found out I was so horrified.

How can boys be so disgusting? How? How? I just can’t comprehend it.

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I know MC. :D I’m sure seducing that answer out of your boyfriend wasn’t pleasant.
Haha, I’m famous among my friends for teabagging dead guys. Most guys actually find it funnier when you teabag a dude, it’s extra emasculating. I don’t know why boys can be so homophobic/homoerotic and not notice their behaviors, or how they can be so crass…but. Come on. It’s teabagging. It’s win.

I guess I just hang out with too many dudes. ;)

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Is this WoW? Seriously? Wow. I MEAN WoW!

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Slowly backing away now…

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My GUILD has done it many times but unfortunately I am not able to raid much due to my busy life (cry).

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Lil Debbie.

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