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What class/spec do you play?

Asked by squirbel (4292points) November 7th, 2008

70 Druid – Restoration
70 Druid – Balance [yes, I have two on the same server]
70 Warlock – Demonology
70 Rogue – Combat
70 Rogue – Subtlety [what? good things come in pairs]
70 Priest – Shadow
66 Hunter – Beast Mastery [most boring class evar]

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wait is this a WoW question? BORING!

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Hunter / Draenei / MM/SV
Priest / Night Elf / Holy

Sometimes I miss my Devilsaur, Littlefoot.

Why you gotta dog me, homes?

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MMORPG’s are all boring now. Playing EQ in 1998 as a bard (go twisting!) was great. There was a real sense of adventure before everything was overly documented and discovered. Being with the top guild didn’t hurt.

Nowadays none of the MMORPG’s have that sense of fun, and DIFFICULTY that EQ1 did in the early days.

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PFT. Wow is win. EQ is fail.
j/k. Come to the dark side, we’d love to have you. :-P

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70 Pali – Ret for right now, but i’m probably going to be switching sometime soon.
and a newb Priest

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Druid – Balance (Night elf)

I only play during the summer months though…

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70 Mage-Ice
70 Druid -Holy
55 Hunter- Beast Mastery
33 Lock- Demonology

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@ladytmerie Druid-holy? I thought there was only Balance/Restoration/Ferral. Did I miss something?

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@blastfamy-LOL I don’t know why I put Druid, I meant Priest. I have a Resto Druid but it’s boring to me and somehow was still on my mind even though I hadn’t planned on mentioning it. I’m such a noob.

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@lady: I was wondering about that…. hehehe.

I’m gonna call you Lil Debbie. Cause you’re a noobcake.

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@asmonet. Ha ha. Little Debbie! :)

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80 Female Tauren Hunter—Marksmen
80 Female Gnome Warlock—Affliction
78 Female Blood Elf Paladin—Protection
74 Female Gnome Death Knight—Unholy
and a baby Female Tauren Druid—Undecided

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