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What are some great websites for photoshop tutorials? do they help?

Asked by A_Beaverhausen (2440points) November 7th, 2008
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I’ll assume that you have photoshop installed on your computer already.

Most of the time, if I need to perform a specific thing (say, flames), I’ll google photoshop flames, and look at the many tutorials there. Often times, the range of tutorials in given in a google search allows you to get the look you want…

This iTunes podcast has a lot of neat functionality demos you may want to look into…

best of luck

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i need to know the basics. i really want to get good at photoshop but its all really confusing to me still.

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If you’re looking for basics, grab a picture of something you don’t mind staring at for a few hours, like a hot chick, and play around in PS. It’s the absolute best way to learn that program, once you can do simple stuff, then you should start googling, IMO.

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IMO/IMHO – In my opinion or in my humble opinion.

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No problem, I’ve been using photoshop for years, if you jump into tutorials too quick you might get lost and discouraged, play with the tools, and you’ll figure it out soon enough. Good luck!

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When i was into photoshop, i found this site to be very useful and taught me a lot of the basics. Just find some tutorials that look pretty cool and do them step by step, then you can take what youve learned from that tut and apply it elsewhere.

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Also, try to stay away from the filters at first. They don’t do all that much for learning the tools…

If you just want an overview of the tools, you can look in the help for Photoshop. It has a practical overview of everything and basic usage instructions.

JoeyDesignsStuff's avatar, (more than just tutorials),

I’ve been using Photoshop for six or seven years, and especially at first, it was nice to have some steps to follow instead of having to think of what to do by myself. There’s so much to the whole Creative Suite, it’s hard to know where or how to start. But definitely do!

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If you are going to play with the filters, Gaussian Blur and Edit: Fade Gaussian Blur are your friends. :D

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Here is a Top 10 Photoshop Tutorials Websites List You could check these out.

asmonet is right though. Play with it for a bit just to get the idea.

A couple things, let your arrow linger over what you select. it will give you an idea about the tool.

DON’T be afraid to look up the tool or object in the help. For instance one tool that is really cool is the stamp tool. If you look that up it will tell you that you have to alt (or opt if your on a mac) click to select a sample area first to use it.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask fluther.

jessturtle23's avatar has a bunch of really great tutorials.

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