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How do you select a layer outline in Photoshop on a PC?

Asked by Evan (810points) February 4th, 2009

So to explain what I actually mean: On a Mac, you can hold down the Apple button and click on a layer, and it selects the outline of everything in the layer. It’s the equivalent of using the wand tool to select everything in the layer. I can’t seem to figure out how this is done when i’m using my PC. I’m sure it must be something simple and I’ll feel silly after, but does anyone have thoughts? Oh – for the record the versions are Photoshop CS on the Mac and CS2 on the PC… but I can’t imagine that it’s a feature they would have dropped. Thanks in advance. -e

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If I understand you correctly, hold down ctrl and left click on the layer thumbnail.

Let me know if that helps.

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Vinifera FTW!

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Ha! Nice. :) way to totally save my night. I’d held control but hadn’t tried clicking on the thumbnail specifically.

Thanks again!

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No problem.

I think they changed that in CS2. I had been using Photoshop 7 for a long time and had to figure out that you have to click the thumbnail directly.

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for most things, if you hold the apple key on a mac you would hold the ctrl key on a pc in adobe products.

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You dont….....................sorry

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You do. Sorry.

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