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What is the signifigance in the avatar you have chosen to represent yourself on Fluther?

Asked by alabare (282points) August 21st, 2007

Just curious... =)

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my avatar represents the picture of a person of this annoying kid who takes constant pictures of himself at work

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Mine is a small cropped portion of my own logo and identity. Check out my site to see more of it, along with my identity:

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I prefer to be the default. :D

xenopii's avatar

It's my dog.

MarkHeftler's avatar

Fun picture of myself I took during a boring class with the sun shining brightly through the window in the door. Quite partial to it.

Tennis5tar's avatar

Mine is a default because I can't seem to upload my own pictures. I've tried several times. Although, the colour of the default, I find, particularly mesmerising.

glial's avatar

iSight and Photobooth shot from my MBP

gooch's avatar

The flur de lis is representative of my Cajun heritage. Cajuns are people of French decent who were exciled from Nova Scotia Canada to south Louisiana for religious reasons. The flur de lis has many meanings but to the Cajuns it represents the cross in Christianity.

hearkat's avatar

I think my avatar speaks for itself...

mzgator's avatar

Mine is my Welsh Terrier named Sir Winston McAllister. He is the cutest and best dog of all and a big part of my family. I promise he can ALWAYS put a smile on your face!

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I also am unable to upload pictures to this site from my home computer regardless of format.

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