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What is your favorite album or musical group?

Asked by travistotz (123points) August 21st, 2007

I guess I've just been really into listening to new music lately, so I'm wondering what is everyone's favorites? I think mine just might be Tool - ├Žnima , but I'm wondering what yours is?

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I'm fan of the Toasters, a ska band from the USA!

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Even though I'm into many, many different types of music, my favorite group is Led Zeppelin. If I had to choose one album? Physical Graffiti edges out their 4th album for me just by a little bit.

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Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd

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My favorite band would be Propagandhi..

And my profile..

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My round the world favorites, white stripes, Jesus and Mary
chain, youssou ndor, gil heron, arte mixto, dead kennedys, pavlo, yothu yindi thank god for diversity:)

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Son Volt and its predecessor Uncle Tupelo are two of my favorites, although they are quite flawed. Despite knowing many of the lyrics by heart, I haven't the foggiest on the meaning of a number of them. The lead singer's voice is right in my range, though, so it's high on the road trip playlist.

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Pearl Jam "Ten"

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One of my favorite albums is called Spilt Milk by a band called Jellyfish! The band broke up long ago but the album is a timeless Power pop classic! A lot of fun to listen too!

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Also Elvis Presley's gospel collection "Amazing Grace" is excellent-- even if you're not a bible thumper.

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The Dresden Dolls.
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my favorite album is probably ” unplugged in New York” by Nirvana coming close would be ” blood on the tracks ” by dylan
favorite group probably clapton

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My favorite groups are Third Day & Casting Crowns. I simply love their music. I’m not much for full albums anymore – the advent of downloading music has made having to sit through an album unnecessary. But, from back in the day, :hee: I always loved Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, Led Zeppelin’s box set that came out in ‘91 (?) and Grateful Dead’s Terrapin Station.
Of course I was high most of the time “back in the day”, so that might have something to do with those choices.

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Well, that changes from day to day, but today i’d say
Dream Theater for band
Sheer Heart Attack by Queen for the album

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