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What is the polite response to a hiccup?

Asked by aidje (3652points) November 8th, 2008

When people sneeze, we (or, some people) say “bless you,” or “God bless,” or “God bless you,” or “gesundheit.” Is there a similar response that is considered appropriate to hiccups?

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Excuse me ! i just farted

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“Teehee, you have hiccups!”

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Would you like some water?

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“hold your breath.”

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I notice that most people just start offering unsolicited advice. This thread is reflecting that.

“Stand on your head while drinking a glass of water and holding your breath and pulling on your left ear lobe.”

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I’ll tell you what Tim does – he backs away, and then runs up and shouts “AHRRRHHHH” in my face. Yeah, he’s super-sweet.~

As for me, usually I’ll say something like ‘you already there, buddy?’ or ‘you okay?’
i often wish there was a “bless you” for coughs and hiccoughs. it seems like a response is called for.

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@La_chica_gomela hahaha, imma have to try running up to my boyfriend like that next time he gets them. he ALWAYS gets them. well, almost always.

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