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Who would you chose, wife or child?

Asked by mjoyce (503points) November 9th, 2008

Lets say you are in a situation where you are the husband, and your pregnant wife is unconscious and you have to make a medical choice to either save your wife or your unborn child. Which would you chose, why?

(Shamelessly stolen from an episode of House)

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I would need more information.
Why is she unconscious?
How far along is the pregnancy?

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My wife because we can make another baby. A baby can’t make a wife… unless you’re a degenerate.

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if the child could be saved PERFECTLY HEALTHY than the child, if wife than wife. First I’d ask God, than the docs, than make the decision.

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Presumably you’d be able to anticipate your wife’s preferences. If she woke up and you had chosen her over the baby, would she resent your decision for the rest of your lives, or would she be grateful and willing to try again?

…and if your wife was a nutjob with a serious personality disorder who treated you like shit, I’d definitely choose the kiddo. Just sayin’.

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My wife, hands down, with great sorrow and reluctance at sacrificing a child. And I am the father of three children and mercifully never will have to make this sort of decision. We are just too damn old for another pregnancy.

At the time in my life when we were beginning our family, learning of her pregnancy, watching her and her fetus evolve, dealing with the joy of impending birth, I would still have to favor her in view of these horrible choices. She is the love of my life and (hopefully) I of hers and being responsible for her permanent absence in my life by choosing a fetus over her would make my days unlivable and dealing with an infant in those circumstances would be unthinkable.

I am no expert on even my own religion, but in Judaism we are taught that what is paramount is saving a life. There is no rule, law, commandment, holiday, Sabbath, whatever, than can not and should not be broken in order to save a life. Given the circumstances stated by the original poster, the life belongs to my wife and the child she might be carrying is not born yet. I don’t want to argue about unborn children or other descriptions of a potential child still in the womb, I am just speaking from my own perspective what I have been led to believe in my upbringing.

As some posters have said, it depends on circumstances, and if forced to make this decision under extreme pressure and in great haste, I might do something else. But with the freedom of time to contemplate that we get on Fluther, that’s what I would do.


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My wife is pregnant? Oh shit!

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We have a pact to put our love above all else.

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Even if I were strait I would save my child, no matter what. Even if his expectancy to live was less then my Significant Other.

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My child…then I’m off to Hollywood to find Lucy Liu ;-)

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Wife. You can always try again. I’m not a supporter of abortion or anything tho, it’s just my opinion :)

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I would chose the kid. My wife wouldnt want to live without the kid and I dont think that I would want to live with her living in that situation. I mean its a kid, I can and will and would probably enjoy finding another wife.

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