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Who do you want to lose the Presidential election?

Asked by hossman (3261points) August 21st, 2007

We've had threads about who we think will win, and who we want to win, but nobody's talked about an obvious corollary, who do we really want to see lose? Please keep it nice.

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Hillary and his wife Bill

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Well as I dont know who will be on the ballot I can't say for sure who I want to lose. I'm pretty sure I don't want a republican other than Ron Paul to win.

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ron paul is not a fair response. he's already a loser.

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I would like to see Rudy Giuliani lose. I doubt he will get the nomination, but I would still like to see him lose. The only thing he has going for him is 9/11. And I don't really see why he gets praise for his actions on that day. Anyone would have done the same, and most people would have done more. He is a complete hack.

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Rudy Giuliani is the only mainstream candidate who truly frightens me. I may disagree with some of the others, but Giuliani seems both ignorant and arrogant -- even more so than the current President.

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Rudy Guiliani for being dumb enough to say "Freedom is Slavery", Hilary Clinton

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What I meant by my response, is that currently I have not seen a republican that I like. Ron Paul is the only one that I wouldn't completely hate, but that's mostly because he's not really repub.

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The ken doll/gi joe look alike scares me, but so do all my Mormon friends, they say I can't play in there house cause I'm not the right kind of

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I would like Hillary to lose. I think it is completely outrageous that she used to campaign against the pharmaceutical companies and now she takes money from them. Hillary has the second-highest recipient of campaign donations from the health care industry now. I think it unfortunately will never happen because to many people think it a wasted vote, but our best bet would be Dennis Kucinich.

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dennis must be a hypnotist/alien have you seen his totally hot young wife???

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all republicans and hillary (if we can only choose between the running candidates) - and i agree with ava about kucinich (based on his campaign a few years back)

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hillary clinton will get my "wish you loose" vote

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Pretty much everyone I've seen so far.

If I could choose our next president...Jason Bourne.

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i would elect Tyler Durden for president

"You're not your job. You're not how much money you have in the bank. You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet. You're not your fucking khakis. You're the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world. "

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@mirza. Can I change my vote?

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yes - the world i see there is no one election - no matter what the laws are - its the right person that should be the president - not the guy who spends millions for a presidential campaign instead of helping the poor and needy

i say fuck these elitist white collar candidates

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its too bad we dont have a track record of actually voting someone from a third party in like Nader or Perot could they actually push there agenda get something done? I hope I will one day see it happen, I think.

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Absolutely Hillary. I cannot stand her arrogance & her smug smile. I really don’t want to see Obama win, either, because he seems to have absolutely nothing to offer. He seems to be running on being the 1st black president which isn’t a qualification. Plus, his remark about invading Pakistan terrified me.

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Mike Huckabee. He scares the hell out of me. What happened to seperation of church and state? I really do not want someone who thinks the apocalypse is coming, to have his finger on the button that can make it happen.

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Hey, mirza. . . Did you miss the part where I said “keep it nice?” And chris, you’re comfortable with Ron Paul, and you’re worried about Huckabee being one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

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sorry about that swearing but how did u notice that after so many days ?

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The thread just came up in my activity alert for some reason.

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I would hope Hillary loses…........her voice. Like chalk on a blackboard.

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Insane McCain FTL

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