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Anyone every get tiny moth- like creatures on your screen doors?

Asked by MicaDirtCat (307points) November 11th, 2008

I live in suburban Dallas and about a week ago I found dozens of tiny mothy bugs on the inside and outside of my second level screen door and the same scenario in another room’s screen window. I think they died after a cold streak but they came back! I thought (gulp) that they might be fruit flies but I can find no source of them in other areas of the house, even flying around the rooms with the screens. What the heck are these guys?

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They are typically called pantry moths… but I am googling to find their real name.

They house themselves in cardboard food boxes, dry goods like oatmeal/sugar/cereal/grits… anything typically in the pantry or cupboards. I got rid of our infestation by tossing out all dry goods, and washing all of my cans in hot soapy water [in case they laid eggs on the cans].

Do they look like this?

My pantry was infected by some barley and flax seeds I had bought at a local organic produce store… The stuff wasn’t treated to get rid of pests.

Edit: The results of my googling.

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Oh god! That is exactly what they look like! I read the information you supplied (Thank You!) and now I am all freaked out. I am not a bug person and I am afraid I will find the source and see the larvae!

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I looked in all my boxes and never saw larvae… but I did see spider-webby stuff.

I seriously got all bug-nazi on my pantry….that’s why I threw out ALL dry goods – I hate bugs that much.

Happy to help!

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I saw the larvae – in the midst of a hot summer. They looked exactly like the slivered almonds they were clinging to. Now I use medium-sized jam jars that have a double screw-on-cap.

I keep all grains and nuts that are not in bug-proof containers in freezer.

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The jars are the ones used for canning or preserving and come in three sizes.

I looked at the link; the stuff of nightmares.

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oh man, those little moths are terrifying. My house had a pretty bad infestation at one point…
The worst part about them is that they are sneaky. You don’t notice a thing when you pour out the cereal… so you think the coast is clear… but as soon as you add the milk THE LARVA HORDE APPEARS!
* shudder *
Always check the spoon first.

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My Mom alway put branches of Bay Laurel in the cupboards to repel them. She called them pantry weevils.

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I have another issue to watch for, girls. I read an alert not long ago about Bisquick. It said that it has so much yeast in it that it’ll make you deathly sick if you use an old box. For some reason, I had 2 boxes of it, & I went to check. They were both old boxes & both had bugs in them. Needless to say, I couldn’t get to the trash can fast enough. I sprayed them both down with Raid, also. So check your dry goods for dates.

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