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Why are there options to go up or down on an elevator and not just.. one button?

Asked by XCNuse (1197points) November 12th, 2008

I’ve thought about this a few times but just never asked, but really, have you ever stopped to look at an elevator and be like.. why must I press up or down arrow when I choose which floor to go to when I get on an elevator? Elevator systems retrieve the closest one, but really, it just doesn’t make sense, it makes life more complicated because if you can’t count or have no idea what floor you’re on how do you know which way is up or down or say you’re hanging upside down or heck, if you press up on the third floor and choose to go to the first floor it says it can’t do it because you pressed up and simultaneously the system combusts because you just confused the crap out of it? (that would be a good prank lol)

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They’re built that way to optimize the speed of the elevator. It groups together travelers moving in the same direction.

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“Elevator systems retrieve the closest one”
Elevator systems retrieve the closest one going your direction. Say your on the 23 floor and you want to go up to floor 38 and the closest elevator is on floor 25 but going down. Its not going to stop and pick you up to go upward when the rest of the people are going down. Im sure that would lead to a lot of fights in the elevators lol

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seems sane the way it is set up. Most economic. You sound like an extrovert!

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My favorite are the elevators for a two floor building. They actually have buttons for each floor – as if pressing the up button wasn’t enough.

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Elevators have an up/down call button because it’s inefficient to try to catch an elevator that isn’t going the direction you want to go.

You wouldn’t try to catch a bus going the opposite direction and tell it to turn around just for you, would you?

I think you’re putting entirely too much thought into the potential problems with an up/down system- since the benefits far outweigh any problems you can come up with. Unless you want to rehire all the elevator operators they used to have back in the 60’s and 70’s

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