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What should you do when an employer doesn't pay you?

Asked by BoyWonder (806points) November 12th, 2008

Lets say you’re on the books and your employer never paid you for the time you worked, which was about a month. Should you get a lawyer? Is there someone you could call? Or should you just get your people to go sabotage their business?

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Yes to the lawyer, no to the sabotage.

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I take it you’re talking about a non-union position? If so, first contact the employer and ask them why you haven’t been paid for the time you put in. If they know you’re aware of it and looking into it, they might decide to pay you and no further action may be necessary.

If they still aren’t willing to pay you, then yes, I would probably contact a lawyer.

If you did belong to a union, call your representative and they’ll have it taken care of immediately and no lawyer should be necessary, unless the employers are that horrible.

As for sabotage? That’s one big HELL NO! Not if you ever want to see the money you’re owed in the first place, anyway.

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Break their legs.

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What type of lawyer would deal with an issue like this?

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Go to an attorney. If you worked and you can prove it, they can’t not pay you.

More often than not if you ask an attorney to write a letter to person you have the problem with, they comply and it’s fixed. I’ve seen it work with everything from employers to stalkers.

As far as what type of lawyer… Pick up a phone book and just call the ones listed, they’ll let you know if they can help and if they can’t, ask if they know who can or just call the next one.

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And do not sabotage anything. You could be the one in serious trouble instead of them. Always make sure the bad guys are the ones getting in trouble.

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You can also talk to Labour Relations and file a complaint against the company. Labour Relations will work to get your money, but they tend to compromise and will probably offer you a partial settlement. On the plus side, no lawyers fees. It is actually illegal to not pay employees, so no need to resort to drastic measures.

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find a different employer ASAP!

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I have a big friend named Frankie…Where should I send him? :-)

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Try everything before you try an attorney because they will end up taking a lot of the money.

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Of course it will be different in any area, but here most attorneys will give you a free consultation and write a letter to the offending party for no charge. They aren’t always as expensive as people make them out to be. I worked with one I didn’t know when my identity was stolen and it never cost me a dime. Granted the man didn’t do much, he really just made a few phone calls and offered legal advice. But that was all I needed.

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Get a lawyer. What state are you in?

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no to the lawyer. no to the sabotage. stand tall and demand what is rightfully yours.

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