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So, are there new iMacs coming out this year, or when?

Asked by Ummagumma (26points) November 13th, 2008

With my PC failing, I’ve almost got my spouse convinced. But I don’t want to get burned again like buying a MacBook a month before the new ones were released.

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Not this year, and apple is very secretive about their release dates.

Im a PC. For life.

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Meh. Well, I wonder if there will be a big enough change in the line to wait, or not?

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I’d wait. Even if the change isn’t huge, you’d be able to get last gen models for cheap.

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Patience ain’t exactly my strong suit.

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Apple has pretty much said that the line up is locked down for this year. Link

And the iMac isn’t going to change much when it does get a bump. Slightly faster processor and better graphics is my guess. I wouldn’t expect to see any thing major this year.

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Apple have never released anything this late in the year for a long time, and the press release seals the deal.

I wouldn’t expect anything new until Feb/March.

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Well, it sounds like I should plow ahead then. Thanks for the input. Now to spread some points around.

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There are three release periods for Apple Software every year. They often coincide with one of Apple’s major conferences so that Jobs can make a grand keynote address that web geeks excitedly await and listen to with baited breath.

June/July – iPhone/smaller tech devices/new innovations

September/October – iMac/iPods/MacBooks/product updates

Jan/Feb – MacBooks/iMacs/iTV/new innovations

Here is a nice link which should give you an idea when to buy you next iMac – “Mac Buyer’s Guide: Know When to Buy Your Mac, iPod or iPhone”

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