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Is there anyone on Craiglist who ISN'T a creeper?

Asked by wookielove (176points) November 14th, 2008

In the personals section that is. Like under strictly platonic at least! I figure that there are tons of people under the specific to dating section that are bound to be sleazy, but how about people just looking to meet new friends/acquaintances?

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Oh, yikes. I don’t think that people often use the ol’ c-list just to find someone to hang out with. I’ve met cool people from LiveJournal. Join a local community, and ask if anyone wants to attend a local social event. You might meet some cool cats. And chances are, they’re not 56 year old furries with a dungeon*. Which is more than you can say about craigslist.

*Disclaimer: I am in no way prejudiced against fetishists. I just believe that there are lots of them on CL, and that’s not what the questioner is looking for.

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I saw the strangest picture of a body part on craigslist last night. I have never in my life seen one that looks like that.

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I have actually met a few new friends through livejournal! which is awesome, but I’m also trying to meet new people around where I live so we can actually hang out. Most of my friends are studying abroad or live at least 2 hours away, making it difficult to see them, so I was just trying to figure out where to meet new people. It’s hard to meet someone new when your job doesn’t have you interacting with customers, and all your classes are lectures :/

But yeah, craigslist has always kind of worried me a little. I’ve bought things off of there, and had friends meet a person or two, but that’s the extent of my experience with it.

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@jessturtle23 Does it start with a p and end with an enis?

Most of the people on there are creeps, thats why they make a statement that you must be over 18 or a lier to view the things on there. They can’t look at everyone’s posts at one time, so there’s bound to be plenty of creeps on there trying to look for a hookup.

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I once found a relatively-normal person to play chess with.
That is NOT a euphemism.

Though I see your point.
Craigslist definitely has more than its share of crazies.

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Lurve for ‘creeper’

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Yes, and I wish someone else would look at it because it is truly bizarre.

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@jess: I totes need to see that. Is it bisected? Cause that’s not too shocking to me anymore.

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sorry asmonet. They took it down.

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Bisected penises exist? Who knew!

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@augustlan: I did. Trust me, you don’t.

unless you really want too. that’s not safe for work, life or children.

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Harassing me on multiple threads isn’t a really painting a lovely picture of you.

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@asmonet: Oh. My. God. Why on earth would someone split their penis?!? Does it still ‘work’ as intended?

PS: I could not look away!

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hahaha, it doesn’t have the same…level of pliability? but yes, it still works, depending on whether they keep the urethra on one side or split it that can change functionality…but yeah… im gonna stop.

Did you notice it’s mostly older men? ...what.

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It was aaaawful!! And for some horrifying and morbid reason I could not tear myself away from looking. . . . .
I’m still in shock, and PAIN. Oh geez.

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You’re welcome! :D

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pours acid on eyes

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You should have seen the look on my husband’s face when I told him that people do that!

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