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What's the farthest someone has dug towards the center of the earth?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2549points) November 14th, 2008

What is the distance of the biggest hole?

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I believe they have dugged into the mental region which is below the earth crust. THe mental is the thickess region in earth and its covered with hot molten metal. I doubt there are any equipment that is able to withstand such heat to dig further down into the earth core.

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Alright, first of all, grammar and spelling attrocities aside, mea05key is also factually incorrect, first off it’s the “mantle” not the “mental”, and the mantle, which is 1,760 miles deep is 22 miles beneath the earth’s uppermost layer, known as the crust. In 1970, Russian scientists attempted to get to the mantle, but only managed to get just over 7 miles into the crust, resulting in what is still the world’s deepest hole (sorry, Paris hilton).

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sry. just saying wats on my mind w.o researching. fluther needs more people like you. cheers thanks for the info.

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oh yeah newer news.. japan digging intomantle region. dont know whter they succeeded or fail. that was last year news

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Don’t you have spell check, mea?

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I think they’re lazy man typos. (Except for mental.)
Are you on the iPhone?

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soooooo painful to read…

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Uber: Ugh, yes. Regardless of the reason why, it’s totally painful to read.
Seriously, mea. You’ve got to do something about this nonsense.

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@queen: I think you meant what is the depth?

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I’m about a mile down. Still working on it…

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Thats a big achievement , loser…its a bit difficult to address you that way.

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not for me, LOSER. Great job, LOSER!!!

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So that explains the hole where my house used to be!

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I got down about fifty feet and hit water. Oh wait, I was digging a well, silly me. :-)

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@sniffles Welcome to the collective. I’m sure you’ll notice very quickly that proper spelling is a big deal around here. We take it pretty seriously.

That said, my guess is that English is not mea’s native language.

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[Mod says] Personal attacks are not permitted, and have been removed.

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