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What are some tips for helping my family adjust to life in a new country?

Asked by segdeha (1720points) August 23rd, 2007

I recently moved to New Zealand and am loving it! My wife and 2 daughters are going to be joining me here in about a month's time. None of them have ever been out of the U.S. My wife's open-minded enough and the kids, well, I assume they'll adjust fine, but I was wondering if anyone here would have some tips for easing the transition for them? Thanks!

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I think one thing that could help would be continuing to do things with the family that aren't culture specific, things that you did in the US. Like going the park. Also, maybe there are local organizations made up of other non-New Zealanders that plan group activities and outings.. that way, you get he best of both worlds: other Americans who're in the same boat as you who are exploring their new home too. It might be easier to make the transition in a larger group, especially the kids, who might meet other kids.
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Children adapt more easily. I've moved three states in the first 10 years of my life. Looking back in the first 10 years, it was an adventure to experience different cultures (Texas, California from growing up in New Jersey til age 7) and made friends thru school, church, neighborhoods in the three states. Give your family time. My mom who moved a lot in her lifetime says it takes about a year and a half to adjust 100 percent perhaps. GD Kimble got great suggestions to take them to the zoo etc and to explore New Zealand. I remember when we moved out to California, the first things my folks did was to take us to Golden Gate Bridge and touristy stuff driving down to Lombard Street. I was 10 and I remember that.
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Mentally prepare yourself for change.That is most important.Learn the laws. Or at least learn those laws that don’t apply in your country and may be easy to innocently break.

Do what the locals do.Find out how they entertain themselves and try to join in.Best ways to socialize.That is the best way to “fit in.”

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