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How often should I clear my cache on my iPhone?

Asked by BoyWonder (806points) November 16th, 2008 from iPhone

I got my 1st gen. iPhone in December last year and this is the first time I’m clearing my cache. I was just wondering how often should I do this…

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I do it whenever Safari starts crashing, or if it seems slower than normal.

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ditto. The people from apple told me to clear cache, cookies, and history once a week and also to reset network settings. I have the 3g but safari kicks me off all the time I have no clue why…What is cache anyways?

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The phone automatically clears old items from the cache. In most cases, you never need to go in there and clear anything, unless Safari is going all funky on you.

The Safari cache on the iPhone is storage dedicated specifically for storing items that have been downloaded as a result of web browsing; things like the Fluther logo if you view the Fluther website on your phone. As a result, Fluther will load in a fraction of the time next time you view it (it doesn’t need to re-download the Fluther logo).

If you stop using Fluther, Safari will eventually remove the Fluther logo from the cache to make room for new content. The cache has a set limit, and will always clear less used content to make room for more demanded items.

You don’t need to periodically clear your cache, unless Safari is behaving strangely or crashing frequently.

Hope this helps.

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