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How much fame would you like to have?

Asked by wundayatta (58714points) November 20th, 2008

Is the Andy Warhol memorial fifteen minutes enough? Would you prefer less? Or more? How widely would you like to be famous? What are the drawbacks of fame? What would fame mean to you?

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Little to none.
I barely like going out as it is, even though nobody believes me when I say I am anti-social.

If I were to have some (say by writing a book), I would prefer name recognition to face recognition. Or if there were face recognition, I would prefer to only be famous among a small niche that wouldn’t result in strangers coming up to me on the street when I’m out to get a cup of coffee or a newspaper.

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A little would be good. I’d like t0 be famous for being a knowledgeable expert in my field of expertise, this might including publishing books. But I would hate any amount of fame that draw any paparazzi, let alone simple garbage thieves looking for a juicy bit to sell to the tabloids. I value my privacy greatly.

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None. My ego does not need that sort of nurturing.

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None. I’m fine with being behind the scenes.

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I want to be as rich as Warren Buffet, as cool as Richard Branson, as famous as Hugh Jackman and as centered and creative as Giorgio Armani (with a little bit of Homer Simpson hidden somewhere)

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I’d like to be famous on Fluther.

< < checks off that box from his bucket list.

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I’ll be fine with a Radiohead level of fame; enough so that my work is highly anticipated and taken seriously, but not so that I’m in the tabloids for shenanigans.

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A bit of name recognition wouldn’t be bad, as long as the association was positive. As far as my face being recognized, well let’s just say, I like being anonymous. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be recognized everywhere I went. I’d hate to be Britney or Angelina; I guess loss of anonymity is a price of fame.

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I’d love to be rich but not famous. Fame brings out the wackos.

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I’d like to be rich, and kind of famous. I’d get noticed at places, but am not a household name worldwide.

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Oooooohh… I wonder how fame is working out for @andrew?

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I’d like to be a well-known author, but probably under a pseudonym. Then I’d get to enjoy the fame, without living the fame.

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I got my fluther fame and Apple fame in one fell swoop last February. (The top question on the phone shown is my very first fluther question.)

That’s good enough for me. I don’t really need fame or fortune to be happy. To me fame = loss of personal time/privacy, two things I value greatly. I prefer the small, short lived type of recogniton. It’s nice to be noticed, but I wouldn’t want to live under a microscope.

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None, for multiple reasons. Besides, even if I was famous, I’d probably also be infamous due to the complete disregard I’d have about what anyone thought of me. I would never, for any reason, try to justify anything I did that people disagreed with. I’m already like that. If people judge me for a reason I deem stupid, well… They can just fuck off. :D

I definitely wouldn’t mind being rich, though.

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I’d like to be famous for being the first Australian woman in space.

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