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Do you make your bed every morning?

Asked by tinyfaery (42964points) November 20th, 2008

Is the norm of making one’s bed every morning changing? I’d appreciate an age (or at least an age range) for my unscientific study. Just for the record, I do not make my bed every morning, but I do pull up the sheets. If I didn’t I’d sleep with cat fur in my mouth every night.

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SInce we returned from living abroad, we don’t sleep with a sheet, but with just a duvet with a cover we wash each week. It’s exceedingly easy to make up the bed now. It’s nice to come home to a made bed at the end of the day for some reason. I’m 40 BTW.

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Haven’t made my bed once since going to college 3 and a half years ago. I just roll out and don’t touch it til I go back to bed. The sheets just stay crumpled all day. :)

BUT! I’m getting married in January, so I guess that’s going to change… lol.

Any others NEVER make their bed!??!?!?! WOOOO!!!!

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On occassion I do.

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I have made my bed every morning since high school (I’m 25 now). Like megan64 said, something about coming home to a made bed is just so wonderful. When I was in college, I would occasionally neglect to make the bed (I was on top bunk, it was difficult to do), and when I would come back from class I’d have to make it before I did anything else. It looks so much better.

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I generally make my bed when I am expecting company.
No animals in the house right now, but I made my bed when I was living with a roommate who had a dog.

Edit: 33

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There is a 50/50 chance that I either I pull up the sheets or leave them turned down. I think I read somewhere that leaving your bed unmade kills more bacteria (that ate your dead skin last night)... maybe it’s the other way around.

Age: 27 years

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I basically never make my bed. In my old place, it was a studio so I made the bed if someone was coming over. Now? I shut the bedroom door.

Age 23.

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Nope, my sheets are always balled up or on the floor. If someone’s coming over I’ll take time to make my bed look neat but that’s only cause I’m in an apartment and I may need the bed to store coats or something.

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I’ve made my bed up every day of my life. My mom insisted that I make my bed before I went to school every morning, even when I was in grade school. It’s just something I’ve always done. In this house, the bedroom is right off the first living room inside the front door, so it’d really show if it wasn’t made. If I lived on a mountain top all by myself, my bed would be made. I can’t stand a rumpled bed.

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Yes, it’s just a comforter. I like to throw some sass into it.

What the hell and am I talking about? I must be half alseep

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Yes! I always make my bed. I can’t stand coming into the room to a messy bed. I like climbing into bed, a nice neat one! My husband thinks it’s crazy, but he doesn’t try to stop me, either.

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Make my bed every morning…...???
Ha ha hahahahahaha!!!!!
Laughing Out Loud!!!

No, I don’t make my bed every morning. I am in my fifties and can’t remember when I ever made my bed every morning.
It gets made when I am cleaning or when I am good and ready to make it.

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By the time I get out of bed my husbands side of the bed is made. My blankets are waiting open for me, just the way I left them, when I crawl in at night.

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For me, a made-up bed alone can overcome any other mess in the room. Clothes can be strewn, books stacked on the floor, dust on the tables… all can be overlooked if the bed is made.

And it’s so much more enjoyable for me to climb into bed with straightened, crisp, cool sheets and already fluffed pillows.

Unfortunately, I get up earlier than my wife. And she’s one of those “well, it’s just gonna get messed up again later today” kind of people.

So it’s rarely ever made up. And I die inside a little bit every nite as I make the foray into the twisted mass of sheets and comforters hanging askew off the bed whilst trying to untangle my pillow and unwedge it from between the headboard and mattress.


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Sounds like rob and judi need to trade spouses.
oh, wait…

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I do but i don’t know why, my little dogs get up on the bed and get under the blankets and make it all a mess again.LOL!

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Yes, Rob’s wife and I would probably get along very well. Truth is, people like me NEED people like my husband and Rob in our lives. I make my husband lighten up a bit and he brings order into my life. A perfect match.

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so i need to start making my bed if I want to get married? : )

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@fireside! That just made me laugh out loud! Lurve to you!!!

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For a great relationship it appears that you should start making your bed if you want to marry someone who is spontaneous, flexible and occasionally irresponsible. We tend to gravitate to people who offer grounding. If you want to marry someone who is responsible, reliable and sometimes rigid then ta heck with making your bed! They need someone to mix it up a bit and make life interesting!

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perfect! so i continue to not make my bed and i should hopefully find a good woman who will help keep track of the bills and chores. i can make things fun

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There is no rule that says husbands can’t make a bed.

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i never made my bed, we always have the maid to do that, BUT i always get smacked on the head by my mom every single morning tellin me to make my bed so every weekends i make my bed ;P and clean the whole room, well,, if i have the energy ill clean the whole house “IF”...

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Never, unless I have guests. (44)

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oops…I never listed my age…37

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[deleted original quip, rewording]

@basp, despite the manly beard o’ greatness in my avatar pic, I’m not some neanderthal. I do make the bed when the opportunity presents itself.

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@rob, We have a king sized bed, so his side is made when he hops out of bed at 5:30 AM. My side stays unmade after I roll out at 8–8:30.
You have made me think though, would it really be that great a gift to my husband to make the bed? Just how much would he appreciate it, or would he just take it for granted if I did it?

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There must be some point during the day when she is not in that bed and there would be opportunity to make it.
Seems to me if it was that important to you, you’d figure it out.
Then again, perhaps I am reading you wrong and it really isn’t all that important to you.

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Wow… way more insight into robmandu’s life than anyone here will want…

a) No king bed.
b) Sorry, but half making the bed is crazy.
c) Bedroom is upstairs, and I don’t usually head up there until nigh bedtime. Straightening out the sheets just to get in, while 90% of the effort, is not the same as thing as actually making the bed.
d) Weekends, laundry day, other times, I do indeed often make the bed.

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I straighten things out to the extent that it will make my life easier when I’m getting back in bed.

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I am a ‘make it before you go to bed at night’ kind of girl, and that’s what we usually do. Some days I make it at some point before hubby gets home from work, as a little gift to him.

@Judi: He always appreciates it when I do. Sometimes, it’s the little things that count!

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Well, the housekeeper is here today so it will be made, and I’m going out of town tonight, so If I can focus on this, maybe I’ll start next week surprising him every once in a while. Not so much that he expects it mind you…...

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not unless company’s coming, which is very rare.

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I had to make my bed every day when I was a kid, hospital corners and all. When I got married, sometimes I made it and sometimes I didn’t. But now, I make it every day because like tiny, it keeps the cats off the sheets. Also, I like having a nice crisp bed to get into every night. It’s much more comfortable for me than a crumpled up mess.

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Always. I like the feeling of orderliness it gives me. (I’m 28.)

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Forgot to say I’m 41. Also, I did go make the bed after I answered the question!

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I made my bed today for the first time in…..well i couldnt tell you the last time i made it before today. The only reason i made it today was because i was having someone over ive never met before and they were going to be in my room.

Otherwise whats the point? I mean why am i going to bother making the bed look all neat if im just undoing it at night.No one goes in my room but me so screw it. Im 20 btw.

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I rarely make the bed. If I’m going away for an extended period of time I’ll make it, or if someone is coming over and I expect that they might end up in my room for whatever reason.
If I do make the bed, I have to unmake it before I can sleep in it.

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I don’t need my bed to look good, but I do need it to feel good when I get into it (and I CAN’T STAND the feeling of my feet sticking out at the bottom of a bunched up sheet)...SO…I tend to make my bed at night right before I hop in.

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I usually never make my bed. There would literally be no point for me, because I can’t stand my top cover to be tucked into the sides of my bed. When I go to sleep I have to have my comforter tucked under my feet and bunched up on the sides of me. I’d just rip the covers out every single night anyway, so screw that.

Even if I have company, I don’t usually make my bed. It’s my room and I sleep how I like to. If they’d have a problem with that they probably wouldn’t be in my room in the first place.

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Whats the point? No one sees it but me and i just mess it up again.

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To clarify: I don’t like tucked in sheets or covers, either. When I make the bed, I leave everything untucked. I bought a king sized quilt for a queen sized bed, so it fits like a bedspread.

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I first started making my bed regularly about 8 years ago (approx. 34 yrs. old) because my bf at the time preferred it. I still do it most days because it is nice to get into a made bed; and as cluttered as the rest of my room may be, having a made bed makes a difference.

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Nope! Why should the mess of my room stop at the bed?

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So age doesn’t seem to be a factor. It seems more of a product of personality type.

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Wait! That’s all the analysis we get?
I was hoping for some kind of bell curve with a graph of intersecting traits or something…

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Read the details: “unscientific study”.

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Oh, and I’m twenty. Add that to your figurative coordinate graph.

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It depends whether I have the time and effort. And if my grandma starts to complain about it not being made. Im 18 btw.

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I want a graph with a bell curve! Anyone willing to break down the data any more?
This has been interesting.

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I’m 60.
Never make the bed between changing the sheets. Climate is too damp.

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yes i do, unless i’m late for class…lol..

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If we’re doing the bell curve chart then I I’ll tell you, I’m 47.

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Oh – 23 here.

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I tried it yesterday, to see if he would be impressed, happy, what ever. He didn’t say a word. ;-( Why bother? (She sulks and sticks her bottom lip out.)

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Judi, what a poop!

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@Judi: Sorry : (

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Aww. That sucks Judi. Here’s some lurve for the effort.

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Thanks for the lurve. :-)

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BTW My bed is currently unmade, and I have been up for hours. 12:41 PST

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i’m lucky if i get out of bed at all every morning.
i’m 16, i guess it’s expected. [;

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