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What is a good (easy and cheap) dinner to make for my g/f to make up for her being mad at me?

Asked by arcoarena (692points) November 20th, 2008

My girlfriend got mad at me last night because she asked me to come over but i went to the bar instead so I wanted to make her dinner when she gets off work tonight to make up for it. any suggestions? (cheap and fairly easy are positives!)

and she has no microwave or toaster at her place.

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Spaghetti or lasagna with Chianti wine (with the basket around it.) A salad with a few nuts and pears in it, garlic bread and candlelight. Romantic music, and a rose in a bud vase on the table.

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a nice bunch of flowers might help along with a dinner.:) hope all goes well.

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This is super fancy and not too expensive: Chicken Florentine-Style. From the goddess of TV cooking herself, Giada de Laurentiis. Both me and 2 of my friends have had great success while using this recipe for special occasions.

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Bring her some cold Taco Bell and a 40 oz Natural Ice.

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chinese food :chicken rice balls !

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Do you really not see any irony here? You’re saying you screwed up by not paying attention to your g/f, and to make up for it you want to pay as little attention to her as possible (“quick and easy”). How about devoting a little bit of effort to the relationship and doing something long and difficult instead?

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I make a chicken breast with some crumbled chicken bouillon, orange zest,(grated peel), a little minced garlic, basil, pepper, parsley, saute with a little oil, then add a little water to the pan, and cover and simmer about 10 minutes, add finely diced fresh tomato, cover and cook about 4 minutes more. Serve with herb and butter rice or a pasta alredo, and salad. Hope this helps.

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Also, you need flowers, and a card with plenty of apologies. Light the candles, and turn down the lights.

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thanks for all the advice everyone!

that chicken florentine style looks delicious and absolutely doable. And I can definitely do spaghetti and everything too. flowers will also be crucial.

annnnd @ mrtty – lol i didnt say quick although that is a good idea cuz we’ll prolly both be hungry and not tryin to wait for it to get done. i do not think it’s ironic either. cheap because im broke and easy because i don’t cook besides microwavable meals like hot pockets or extremely easy things like eggs or grilled cheese typically. long and difficult i would almost assuredly fuck up. haha

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Sorry, I did mean to say Cheap & Easy, not Quick & Easy.

P.S. you weren’t broke enough to stop yourself from going to the bar….

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OUCH, Mrltty. This is why he is apologizing.

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Yep, good ol’ spaghetti. Or just check my blog.

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haha touche mrltty…
but in my defense it was dollar beer night. lol

and thanks for a link to your blog cooksalot. i’ve been trying to get more into cooking and getting out of the easy microwavable dinners since i graduated college but i am still a beginner.

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you can cook on a slow/low heat, and get there with patience, you can’t be afraid of it, you need to know that one little splatter from grease is not goint to kill you, and, .... if you are patient with love, it will turn out.

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