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Should people who post relationship or event questions be required to post a follow-up?

Asked by shilolo (18038points) November 20th, 2008

Just today, this question caught my attention. It made me think that if I posted a suggestion, I would want to get some feedback on how things turned out. So, should there be an (in)formal rule stipulating that if you post a question involving a time sensitive or relationship issue, you should let everyone know what you did and how it turned out?

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what a great idea!

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I’m all for an informal rule. I don’t think it should be official…I wouldn’t want to think I’d be in violation of the Terms of Service if I forgot to update! Often, in the course of the question, someone will ask the poster to let us know what happens.

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Required? No. Encouraged, yes. If Fluther truly liked the idea maybe they could provide incentive such as a lurve or two.

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It would be nice to hear how things turn out, but I don’t think it should be required.

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They should be reminded a week later to post a follow up. If “relationships” or something is a topic, they should get an automatic reminder.

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Unspoken social rules… exciting :D

But yes, sometimes I’ll get a “question I’m following” that’s someone asking me to follow up on a question that I asked, if I didn’t remember to. So I think it helps if people aren’t afraid to remind each other.

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Well whenever I answer such questions, I usually go back in a week and just ask what happened. That seems to work out alright. So like monsoon said, we can just give them a gentle reminder to give us an update! if no one remembers to ask for an update, i’d assume no one is really thinking about the question anymore

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Maybe something like this.

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I agree that while it should not be required or mandatory it would be fun to see how things turned out. Especially if your idea or suggestion was used.

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@JP: Can’t see the whole screen shot! I feel I’m missing the important bit…

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@JP: LOL! Exactly like that!

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@augustlan: Look closer….

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I updated the image.

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Keeping in touch would be nice, I think though that if it were pertaining to the more serious aspects of the relationships, like spousal abuse, or being abandoned something like that. Great question, hope this helps, good luck.

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Perfect, JP!

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Not all relationship questions would have as short a time horizon as that example.

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I will post a comment to inquire about someone if I wonder how they are after time has passed. Then anyone else who is following that post will be notified of the new activity and the conversation may continue.

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