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How would you handle this?

Asked by Adina1968 (2752points) November 20th, 2008

I have a used 2006 VW Beetle that I bought certified “pre-loved” from a reputable local VW dearlership. Since I bought it I have only taken it to a local garage (STS Tires.) for oil changes. That is up until today when I took it to my local Firestone. The reason that I chose to take it to Firestone instead of STS is because two months ago I purchased fancy schmancy lightbulbs or my headlights and took it to STS to have them install the headlights. Long story short, they never did the job correctly and I kept having to take it back to them. Hoping each time that they had hooked the lights up right this time. Finally I got frustrated and took it to Firestone and they fixed the lights for me no charge. Today, I needed an oil change and I took it to Firestone. My new favorite mechanic at Firestone pulled me aside and showed me the oil pan. The oil plug was stripped from being turned to tightly. I had him hold off on changing the oil for now. I called STS and told them about my situation and the Manager goes “yeah” that happens the oil pugs get stripped. I am fuming! I explained to them that I bought the car from VW an that they were the first and only people to change the oil since I bought it. If the plug had been stripped when I first brought it to them after purchasing it then why was I not told about it? ( I know…Because it wasn’t stripped!)He told me to bring it in tomorrow. My worry is that at this point how do I know that it will be fixed correctly? Clearly they have had know idea what they are doing in the first place! Not to mention that they are trying to act like they didn’t do it. I am fuming! Help! What would you guys do???

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File under “live and learn.” Skip dealing with STS, have Firestone repair the drain plug, and be happy you found a good mechanic.

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I recently had a similar experience (heater pipes corroded through – draining all coolant – just 2 weeks after I had service and an inspection from a local dealer. Place I took it to for emergency repair said they should have noticed). When I called the local dealer to tell them about it they kind of gave me a verbal shrug and finally offered me 10% off a future service. 10% off or no, I’m never going back there again. Long story short(er), I agree with Dave ^^.

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I also agree with Dave. That’s three. That’s all you need. It’s official.
Seriously, let Firestone fix it. So what if you have to pay a little? It’s worth not stressing and knowing it’s being done right. I would be happy knowing I’ve found a good mechanic. Do you know how hard that is?

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Sounds infuriating. I agree with the above.
And… couldn’t hurt to ask them to fix it for free, or pay for Firestone to do it.

This may be hard to hear: blaming them won’t make them want to be generous, or admit responsibility. I’d suggest being firm, but remind yourself that whoever you’re talking to isn’t the one who messed it up.

Also, do you have a friend who you can bitch to about it, before you go in? The point wouldn’t be to get all righteous. The point would be to get out your anger and frustration so that you can be clear and sane when you go in. Good luck!

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I agree with the first answer too…. A learning experience and be glad that you found a good mechanic at Firestone.
Not sure if you are male or female, but I am female and have found that mechanics try to rip me off all the time. When I find some one reliable and honest, I stick with them.

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Thanks Guys I appreciate your help. I always get so frustrated when people don’t do their jobs correctly. I feel like not only did they not do there job properly but they did damage to my car which is expensive! (Any work on a VW always is.) I wil try to remain calm and not strangle the manager of STS. I will take your advice and take the car back to my new awesome mechanic. The people at STS will get bad Karma! LOL!

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Fool me once, your fault; Fool me twice, my fault…

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Well when I read this I am glad I found a good mechaninc early in my driving career. 20 years and never have I gotten a bum deal. Hell, just last month my brakes failed, and although the supplier refused to honor the warranty, my mechanic cut me a break by not charging me for labor. Saved me some dough. He also has a tendency not to charge for towing if he doesn’t fix the car right away.

A good honest mechanic is worth his weight in gold!

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