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I need cell phone advice...

Asked by finkelitis (1907points) November 20th, 2008

Ok, my current phone no longer can reliably pick up a signal. I’m assuming this is the phone’s fault, and not t-mobile’s, since they’ve always worked for me in all parts of Seattle before. Anyway, I need a new phone. The G1 is out—but I don’t know if it’s worth the hype, though I wouldn’t mind having internet access through it.
What I really want is something that works great as a phone. I tend to use headsets, but it’s hard to get one of those that’s particularly good either. Should I just replace my Samsung T-619? Should I get some old junker off ebay? Should I get rid of my cell phone and just use a home line? Or should I go for the G1?

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I can only recommend the iPhone, but you’d have to switch to AT&T.

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how’s AT&T?

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I’m very happy with the new iPhone. The GPS comes in handy, pretty much everyday.

If not, I’d say keep it real with a Motorola StarTAC.

I’ve never had another provider, so I have nothing to compare with AT&T. The service seems fine.

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Great idea peedub. I had one of those, back in the day…

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If I could get one hooked up I would. Ok, maybe that’s taking it too far…

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I’ll dig around the house, I might still have my old one. If I find it, its all yours.

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well, all the above advice would mean you’d have to change your cell phone service provider. since that’s not the issue, i say keep your contract and get the G1 phone. my friend has it and let me play with it recently. it’s pretty good and has a low learning curve.

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@finkelitis: I had AT&T in seattle around 5 years ago. Service was great.

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I don’t know about other phones but, I love my iphone.
Aside from all the features, the service is also good.

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Personally I am interested in the G1. I’m a heavy Google user so I am enticed by the seamless porting of data. It might not be as slick or cool as the iPhone but I guarantee you’ll see some very interesting applications made for it – Apple controls their App Store with a tight iron fist and deletes duplicate applications even though they may have different functionality. Regardless, do the math before you buy, because the data plans you often need to buy push the lifetime phone ownership costs into the ‘ridiculous’ category compared to a regular phone.

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Well, I just bought a G1. We’ll see how it goes.

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YAY! let us know what you think of it.

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I have to wait for two weeks to get it, because it’s on backorder. It’ll be a little while…

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