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Curious about Penis Bisection?

Asked by wookielove (176points) November 20th, 2008

So, apparently people are starting with this form of body modification- penis bisecting (cutting your penis in half down the length pretty much), and i had a few questions (after being thoroughly disgusted/shocked/blinded etc.)
How do you pee or have sex with a penis bisection?? If you masturbate can you cum by jerking off one of the shafts or do you have to double fist it and do both?? And lastly. . . . ..
. . .
thank you, that is all.

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Youve been watching BME havent you?

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wow being a male, this really disturbs me

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WTF? (sorry I don’t think there’s anything else to say)

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@uberbatman: No I haven’t. . . someone replied to a previous question I asked (about craigslist and creepers) with a link to a ton of penis bisection pictures.

@willbrawn: even me being a GIRL this disturbs me. . . .I can’t imagine what kind of a deal breaker shit like this would be in a relationship!!

Pretty much i felt like pouring acid over my eyes after seeing pictures, but I’m also completely overwhelmed with curiosity. . . .my morbid side seems to kick in more often than not.

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hmmm.. i agree with WTF….that hurts just thinking of it.

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Okay, I spend way too much time on BMEzine so I can offer explanation. One: They’re probably not dating someone who would ever even vaguely mind.
Two: You have sex the same way you would if you had a very large ring in your cock… carefully.
Three: Its a million times more sensitive.
Four: Some people get their rocks off that way, and more power to ‘em.
Five: Its as much of a deal breaker as a sex change is. They’re both hardcore body modification but they appeal to their own crowds. And usually you can tell, because they’re heavily modified otherwise with implants and whatnow.
Six: No matter how much I accept it, I cannot watch it getting done.

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Talk about two for the price of one. Am I right or am I right? Tough crowd.

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it wasn’t funny till the last two words hahaha +1

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I have enough trouble controlling one “shaft” for Pete’s sake.

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2double shaft means double satisfaction…..and having the ability to satisfy 2women at one go

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Shilolo might know a little about cutting penises in half…

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@mea0ket I think it more likely that it would be a case of being unable to satisfy even one woman. This is an area where fantasy is sure to far outstrip reality.

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Ha! You got curious, this question is all my fault.

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@asmonet: it totally is all your fault!!!
I just couldn’t seem to control the morbid curiosity after i washed my eyes with acid O_O

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Also, I should mention that its not the entire penis that is bisected, its usually just the head.

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It still involves a cringe of hurt when thought about. And I’d assume a knife? Still to each is his own but WTF…. ouch..

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Well, actually it’d usually be a scalpel. It tends to be done really slowly. Many enjoy the process. Pain is euphoric for quite a few people.

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@delirium: I have seen some with just the heads bisected but most of them have been fully cut all the way down. . . .they end up looking like strange alien antennae O_O

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I’ve seen all the way down, but not completely through a lot. But the antennae thing is a new one. O.o

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im actually quivering in my chair right now…

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I’d call you a pussy but….

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I love you both, lurve.

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its funny that that bothered me because i can look at those pictures and not have a problem, i think “it’d usually be a scalpel. It tends to be done really slowly. ” did it for me

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@uber: Done in stages, not necessarily at half-speed.

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yeaaaa i pictured half speed

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@uber: Yeah, that’s what I figured. :D I loled.

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My eyes just fell out.

The internet is a dangerous place…

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yes, yes it is

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God, I love the internet. :D

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I’ve had it done and I love it, not for everyone. I’m addicted to cutting my penis. I love the look and feel. Basically it curves inward so sex is pretty much out but I like to try. Some girls love it because they’re curious as to why I’d cut myself, while others totally freak out and I love that it’s my body not theirs. I can cum by working one shaft or both. I’ve cut through the ball sack making them hang separtly. If I get penetration I’ll cum at the V point as the urethra is cut down the middle, the same when I pee. One of my friends she’s a cutter and has done hundreds of penectomies for guys leaving their balls and 1–4 inches to play with… She really wants to cut me but I can’t too much sensitivity… Although getting a penectomy does have a sick appeal however I love my Bisection way too much. My advice for guys cut slowly it’s addicting when you’re halfway you can still have sex somewhat normally. My apologies if I said too much however I hope I’ve helped. Oh yes it’s a total deal breaker for me.

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