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Guys, does it really matter to you if a woman has her fingernails manicured and painted or not?

Asked by chicadelplaya (2213points) November 20th, 2008

What is your preference, if you have one?

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Fancy, painted, long, “pretty” nails almost always creep me out. I’m in favor of natural, not-very-long-at-all, properly-maintained nails.

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oh god. I hope not.

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Me too! HA! I always have to have them cut short or they bug the crap out of me.

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Hell no.
I find I’m usually more attracted to women when they DON’T wear make-up, actually.
Oh, this is about fingernails? I’m not sure I’d notice.

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I’ll second you on the makeup, too.

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Hahaha, when we’re wearing it right, you don’t know it. :)

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Maybe not – you could be right.

But to me, there is something disarming about a woman without makeup. It sends me the message:

“I’ve got nothing to hide. I love myself, I know I look good, and whatever you think is fine.”

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It doesn’t matter to me. I don’t notice.

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@delirium- this is true. whether or not it appears that we don’t have makeup on, a lot of us at least have some on, i.e. foundation, blush, mascara.. The only time I feel totally comfortable going makeup-free is in the summer when my face is usually tan. In public, that is.

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It depends for me, but usually I have very natural liquid eyeliner on, at least. And maybe brown eyeliner stick smuged over it. Unless you’re really good, you can’t tell i’m wearing anything. It just makes my eyes look bigger and prettier.

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yeah i agree. i probably wouldn’t notice on the fingernails

and i also since we’re on the topic, i think that makeup on girls is over-rated.
Girls look so pretty without makeup on. anything more than a little bit of eyeliner is too much for me.

annnd it is ALWAYS a good idea to compliment a girl when she is not wearing makeup. I think just about every girlfriend i’ve had has been awkward like “im not wearing makeup today”, throw in a response about how you knew they looked extra sexy today but didn’t know what it was! girls love that stuff.

It is just a great self-esteem booster and it shows that you think they are beautiful just the way they are. :)

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@arcoarena- awwww! I know us ladies really appreciate hearing that kind of stuff! You must live in Sactown?

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lol i wish i did. i live in baltimore. alll the way on the other side of the country haha. one day ‘d love to move to cali tho.

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@arcoarena- I just thought since your fluther name was arcoarena you were either a Kings fan or lived here in Sacramento. :-)

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lol well that would make sense. haha

but i got this name from the Cake instrumental song “Arco Arena” it’s very awesome if you’ve never heard it. it’s worth a listen :)

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I LOVE CAKE!! Their from Sacramento, too! HA!

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i will say that nice hands go with the package. nubby fingers are a turn-off in some respects. sometimes very attractive women have not paid much attention to the hands and that throws the beauty off a bit. guess i like manicured with painted nails that complement the skin tone.

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So long as they’re neat and trimmed – does not matter to me.

Same goes for toe nails.

Now if they’re all long and chewed raw – then we got a problem my friend.

But then, I notice that on guys too.

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Does it matter?. Yep, absolutely! Aslong they’re neat and trimmed They don’t have to be real fancy.

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I think long fingernails and an excess of make-up indicate a focus on appearance that could be hiding a deficit behind the eyes. I like looking at dolled-up women, but when I want to talk to someone, I usually avoid those who look too unnaturally good.

I also believe that even if someone who was so focussed on appearance was smart, she’d never be interested in talking to me. Her appearance indicates she’s much more interested in another kind of fish. She wouldn’t even be able to pick me out of a crowd, anyway.

I’m so glad I’m not on the meat market! Not that I ever allowed myself to appear in such places.

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Painted nails (particularly toenails!) tell me that you have too much time on your hands. My high school girlfriend used a clear polish, though – that looked OK and was also practical (she was a musician). Overly long nails are also offputting – I wouldn’t want a person with talons handling any delicate parts…!

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French tip, or anything close to that, looking natural. But I like to notice “it has been cared for”. And it goes without saying it shouldn’t be longer than is practical.

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I don’t really notice unless the woman is grabbing her breast or adjusting her bra. kidding

I prefer natural. Not so much because of looks but it screams high-maintenance to me. I would rather be with someone that doesn’t really care that much.

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Short nails and unpainted for sure! Dirt under the nails is a turn-on for me!!

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short nails, unpainted. The less make-up typically the less high maintenance which is perfect for me.

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I don’t have a preference, and it doesn’t matter… well, actually, I very slightly prefer plain natural practical nails to long and/or fancy and/or painted nails, I think, but mainly it’s about how the woman is about them – what’s going on in her thoughts and feelings about them, and what effect that has. For instance, it can be a source of frustration or anxiety for her and others.

It seems mainly to be a juvenile conversation about women competing with other women, which to me is ironic because it’s supposedly about prettiness which I oh-so-chauvinistically suppose would have something to do with male admiration, when I and I think most straight men don’t notice and perhaps even prefer plain and simple healthy nails to anything fancy.

Something like that. ;-)

Well, I’ll add that what I do appreciate, as I noticed recently from an actual example, is when a woman mentions how they don’t fuss with or even do cosmetic things that I’m not attracted to anyway.

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@zaku: I’m told that studies of the matter indicate that women dress more for women than for men. As is obvious here, men don’t give a shit. But women do, and so that’s who they dress for.

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Why would women dress up for other women? Can someone explain that?

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I think it’s because other women are more likely to appreciate the subtler nuances of fashion.
This is going to sound like a terrible stereotype, but most guys seem to break it down to four things:

• hot
• pretty
• ugly
• or just indifferent

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I’ve heard that some of it is competition—trying to become the alpha female. Some of it is just to have fun (men won’t notice, but girlfriends will). There are other theories, too.

It’s not all women who dress for other women, nor do those who do it do it all the time. I had an assistant who was interested in researching this. She was constantly deriding the women who didn’t care about what they were wearing.

I dunno. Just some ideas.

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k i know this is for guys and im definetly not a guy, but to answer your question women dress nicely for different people; like for ex. if shes going on a date she’ll dress for the guy, if shes just going out and about she probably wont even think about it, usually women dress to impress, wheither just for the general public, guys, or other women. and yes sometimes we dress to compete, say you go out with a group of friends and one if them is kind of competitive with you usually we try to out-dress them just to feel like we r sorta superior, or more like in charge. women are very competitive and like to have that alfa female power. unlike some men women are usually very concious of their appearance, but who wouldnt be with the standard men and media set for us?

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Yeah i kind of agree that it is sorta for other women, whether competition or not.

the first time my girlfriend met my mom she had just gotten a manicure and my mom commented about how nice it looked and now she feels like she has to always have her nails looking nice to impress my mom.

personally i dont think it matters either way lol but her and my mom will conversate about that when she comes over

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i hope long nails aren’t that appalling because my nails grow super quickly and it’s more of a nuisance than anything to cut them /= haha

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I love femininity, and manicures and pedicures are quite feminine touches.

More importantly it says “I take care of my hands and feet, I know I’m worth it”.

That’s why I keep a painted pedicure during flip flop season.

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