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Is there anything you could inject into a fresh corpse to stave off rigor mortis?

Asked by AstroChuck (37248points) November 25th, 2008 from iPhone

Nothing nefarious here, just curious.

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ATP, but you would need a way to circulate it.

( for why)

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I vote for vodka. But use the cheap kind AstroChuck, why waste money on somebody who isn’t even going to say thank you…?!

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The folks with the most inventive answers to this would probably be murder mystery writers.

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You could use solarium, the chemical that makes people zombies!

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Just keep it really warm and inject it with WD-40. That little red tube that comes with WD-40 would work great for sticking in a corpse.

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Sulfuric acid would keep it loose, but you wouldn’t have much of a corpse afterwards.

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Just ask Herbert West.

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“Nothing nefarious here, just curious.”

Sure you are…

What are you really up to, AC?

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@bythebay vodka?? I’m not sure that would work. Haven’t you heard the phrase “stiff drink?”... ha ha!!

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@scamp – ok, you win—that was great!!

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