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How can i improve my thighs?

Asked by curioscamel (81points) November 27th, 2008

does anyone know any exercise manly for improving thighs?

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Just take Suzanne Somers advice and get a Thighmaster.

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Try biking. All I know is that when I have to bike to my car from on campus my legs hurt sometimes by the time I get there. Especially if I take the shortcut and go over the hill.

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Bikes, bikes, bikes! That’s all you Davisites ever think about.

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ride a bike :)

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Ha, AC. If I could teleport to class that’d be better.

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Spin class!

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Kettlebell workouts do wonders for thighs. There are a lot of squats, a LOT of squats, and that works the thighs very nicely.

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Belly dancing.

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thanks everyone!!

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