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How can I boost my metabolism?

Asked by curiousmonkey (59points) July 24th, 2008

I have been trying to get in shape for awhile now, but it seems no matter how much i excercise or how much i eat, my body does not improve, my metabolism is really low does anyone have any suggestions or tricks on how I can improve it?

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Remember that some people have rounder bodytypes. Even when I was on a Olympic level swim team swimming over 24 hrs a week and weight training 10 more… I didn’t look like a model like I wanted to. That was an impossible goal and I made myself very sick before I realized that.
Most of the ways to make your metabolism higher artificially are very dangerous.
Check any meds that you’re on. See if weight gain is a side effect. Perhaps talking with your doctor will let you change them.

Get an appt with a nutritionist. It’s very unlikely that you actually know ‘how’ to eat. A nutritionist can help you with that and you will almost absolutely see results.
Mine likes to remind me that white breads in any way are bad. They say some surprising things and have some really effective and doable ideas.

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@deliriurn yes i do know that not everyone is perfect but I often wish my body was different, it just that theres people that exercise and eat healthy and are bigger and then there is people who are skinny don’t exercise and eat a lot of junk food and cant gain weight sometimes i wish i was more like that

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trust me… We all do.
But most of those people will have to learn how to take care of themselves later. People with slower metabs get to beat the learning curve.

Remember that what you put in your body is what it is making new cells out of.

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Also keep in mind that nothing is going to happen overnight.

It takes a lifestyle to change, not a “diet”.

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Personally i can say that it is very important for your body to have system!
You are to eat at the same time every day and change food, as doctors suggest!
It is not of what you eat! it is of how you eat!

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spicy foods like peppers can actually speed up your metabolism…and frozen grapes and very cold water can have the same effect as well…doesn’t make much since, but i have heard that from a few people.

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A 50 yo bodybuilder type that my gf met once in the gym swears by green tea or green tea extract. There’s also such a thing as “metabolic training,” which I haven’t tried but is supposed to dial up your metabolism through a specific combination of diet and exercise (google it).

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Keep in mind that a maximized metabolism requires 3 essential items:
1 – Proper State of Mind
2 – Fuel – proper set up of diet to maintain a maximized metabolism (fat burning, energy)
3 – Physical – you must take action.
Combine these 3 links, add some time and discipline, and you will achieve.

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You seem awfully young to have a slow metabolism. Have you had an evaluation by a physician to make sure everything (your thyroid, etc.) is OK?

Physical activity will boost your metabolism. Also, restricting your calorie intake too much will slow your metabolism. (Your body thinks you are starving it and conserves fat and burns muscle.)

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I’ve had the same problem. But one thing I can tell you is that if you are exercising and eating right you may not look better to yourself, but you are getting healthier and you may look better to others. When you stand in front of the mirror every day and nitpick, its hard to notice gradual changes.

Don’t give up on being healthy, even if you still don’t look how you want.

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You should check out this great question asked by tinyfaery, and definitely consider seeing a nutritionist! What you eat (not just how much) makes a huge difference on your metabolism, and your weight. My best weight loss secret (that’s not that big of a secret) is veggies! Fill your diet with veggies, and you cannot go wrong.

Another way to raise your metabolism: consider a low glycemic index diet (info here: If you follow it, you will not get all the highs and lows that make you starving sometimes, and jittery others. It sort of evens out your metabolism so that you are more in control, instead of your appetite.

The people who seem to eat junk all the time and not gain weight may not look so attractive in a few years, and neither will their lifestyle. Trust me, it does catch up with you. So does eating healthy! Good luck and don’t give up!

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One fun (to me :^) way to raise your metabolism by exercising is: HIIT. High Intensity Interval Training. The article has the info, and there are many other sites with more suggestions on doing it.

The training accelerates your metabolic rate to the point where you experience significant caloric burn during your rest state. Plus, it’s fun!!! Gets you all sweaty and stuff.

Balance your workout with core weight training. Also really fun!!! ‘Cause you get to play with that big rubber ball. :^D

Also, a very effective way to increase your metabolic rate is to snack-meal throughout the day. Instead of eating three square meals, eat six (or more) small ones. Concentrate on raw vegetables and whole foods, and stay away from hydrogenated fats.

If you eat many small meals, your digestive system will work on them all day long, which burns calories of itself.

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Ask your Mom to schedule an appointment with an endrocrinologist to determine your exact needs.

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is curiousmonkey a minor?

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yes she is.

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thanks everyone for the advise and ideas

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Zantrex-3 has an energy shot that works wonders! You can get it at

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I have this same problem. It probably doesn’t help that both of my parents are obese as well. But I exercise frequently and eat as healthy as I can manage to almost no avail.

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coconuts—- raw coconut water, extra virgin coconut oil, eating raw coconut meat.

and lots of B vitamin foods and supplements. raw walnuts, bananas, fish, oats, wheat, etc.

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Coconuts are full of trans-fat. fyi.
Coconut is one of the only organic sources of transfat.

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