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Why are some concerts 21 and over?

Asked by appleyard (45points) November 27th, 2008

A local music venue has all ages shows on some nights and 21+ shows on others. Having attended both types of shows, I’ve found that they serve alcohol on both nights – except the all ages shows have special stamps for people who are over 21. So if they have a system for making sure underage kids don’t get served alcohol, what is the purpose of having 21+ shows?

I ask this because of a band that came through that seems like it would have attracted a large high school crowd, except they decided to make it 21 and over.

What is the purpose of that? Is it some sort of strategy?

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Alcohol being served?

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I mean, liability. Over 21 is just easier.

Not really a science to it.

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Usually it’s because the venue serves alcohol.

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The venue doesn’t want to lose money by having a room full of people not buying alcohol, and they don’t have to worry about accidentally serving a minor, for which they can lose their liquor license. Concerts are also way more fun when there aren’t a bunch of little tween shits running around and getting in your way and stepping on your pumas.

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As appleyard specified, alcohol is served at both types of shows, so the serving of alcohol is not the reason.

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The only places that I’ve been with a 21+ limit are small, standing room only theaters with open bars. It would be very hard to ID everyone in that situation, which was why they made the age limit, at least at that venue.

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Some bands want play shows unless they are all ages or 18 and up.

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People over 21 can choose to buy alcohol. Most bars and restaurants make more money on alcohol than they do on soda sales. If a band is popular with people who would only buy soda, I could see how a venue may wish to restrict attendance to those who will provide a larger profit margin, especially if they expect to have a full house either way. A bar’s main purpose is to turn a profit, not entertain the masses – unless by entertaining the masses, they are able to make a bigger profit.

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Its not the alcohol thing. Ive been to small venues where alc was served and you got a wrist band if you were over 21, if you werent, no wristband. Those same venues have held concerts that are 21+ so i think its what buster said, and band preference. That being said, i hate it.

i really wanted to go see wu tang clan :(

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The house of blues IDs, test the Nokia Theater in Times Square doesn’t (it was a 21+ concert)? That sucks. I did see wu tang =P

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im seeing method man and redman tomorrow night so im not too bummed :)

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I saw them too. They put on a great show.

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There are a bunch of reasons why some shows are 21 and over, alcohol is a major reason, but, if you are going to a heavy metal show, some shows can be very violent in the mosh pits, some shows encourage alot of fighting drinking and stupidity and thats why they have them 21 and over

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and some shows encourage mass amounts of pot smoking. Method man and Redman were the shit!

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